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Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Brooklyn, NY – Comic book editor and writer Sebastian Girner is excited to announce

the launch of Goats Flying Press, an independent comic publisher for creator-owned


Sebastian is a 15+ year veteran of the comic book industry, having started as an

assistant editor at Marvel Entertainment in 2008, he went on to edit a series of critically

acclaimed and best-selling creator-owned series published by Image Comics, including

Deadly Class, Black Science, Drifter, VS, and the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning

Southern Bastards. In 2018 he helped launch the comic book publisher and

entertainment company TKO Studios, as editor-in-chief, a position in which he will

continue to thrive.

As publisher of Goats Flying Press Sebastian will develop and produce wild and vibrant

comics, the first of which, a bitterblack fantasy/horror series in collaboration with artist

Kelly Williams (The Dark, Eerie) is THE DEAD AND THE DAMNED.


The Dead and the Damned is a dark fantasy apocalypse set in a world that has been ravaged for centuries by a horrifying curse: all things that die return to wage war on the living.

With Art by Kelly Williams, Story & Script by Sebastian Girner, and Lettering & Designs by Jeff Powel, The Dead and the Damned is a Mature Readers fantasy comic, equal parts sword and sorcery epic and end-times road trip, with jaw-dropping visuals, soul-wrenching drama, and darkly humorous adventure in a world where the only fate worse than death... is life.

The Dead and the Damned #1 is crowdfunding its debut print run on Kickstarter. The pre-launch site is live now, with the full campaign kicking off October 2nd and running for 30 days through October 31.


Both as a home for Sebastian’s own creations; a portal for new creators and artists to

gain first exposure and insight from an experienced comic book industry professional;

and as a small-press option for established creators looking for a highly personable,

independent, and fiercely passionate publisher of ground breaking art and creator-

owned stories; Goats Flying Press is ready to channel the persistence, playfulness,

and perseverance of its horned spirit animal and help create a new generation of

comics. Against all odds!

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