Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Writer & Letterer: Paul Allor

Illustrator & Colorist: Paul Tucker

Publisher: Vault Comics

Hollow Heart, Issue #1, Variant Cover by Joseph Schmalke, Vault Comics, Allor/Tucker


A dark sci-fi romance about a tortured lab-made monster and the technician that wants to help him escape.

It's Beauty and The Beast meets Robocop in a character-driven escape drama with the pathos of The Shawshank Redemption.


(Minor Spoilers)

El is a mishmash of human parts stuffed inside a giant bio suit, a sentient cyborg that's been relentlessly experimented on and tortured. El tries to escape his laboratory prison, but he's thwarted by corporate security.

After the escape attempt, corporate shakes things up and sends El a new technician, Mateo. Mateo doesn’t just fix El’s suit, he tends to El's mental health too. In their first interaction together, El refuses to talk because he hates the way his voice sounds. So Mateo adjusts the suit's vocal hardware to a more pleasing tone for El—a voice he finally identifies as his own.

As the bond between Mateo and El progresses, so do the repairs and chang