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Comic Book Yeti is thrilled to be hosting a spot on the WINTER THRILLS, HOLIDAY CHILLS! from VAULT Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Keep scrolling for all kinds of good stuff below, including an interview with Victor Ibanez, and make sure to enter the GIVEAWAY!


WINTER is the second scariest time of year. And it’s not just because of the terror of last-minute gift buying, frightening crowds, and haunting memories of holiday gatherings past. Specters cast dark shadows in snow, frost covers every inch of your sanctuary, and a variety of monsters from world legend and lore stalk your dreams from the child-eating Icelandic Yule Cat, to Northern Europe’s icy wielder of justice Frau Hölle and her Wild Hunt, to Germany’s devilish anti-Santa, Krampus, the Kallikantzaros evil goblins from Greece, and the Alpine witch Frau Perchta and her Kraumpus-like minions, the Perchten.

VAULT Comics knows this terror, feels your pain, and wants to share the horror…

Enter VAULT’s bone-chilling list of most popular horror, fantasy, and science fiction titles, with the best talent in SFFH comics with a WINTER THRILLS, HOLIDAY CHILLS! Holiday Special! This Winter, slay/sleigh those demons of indecision with the best in creator-owned Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror!

Here’s a list of all of the titles & authors participating in the tour! Check out each individual blog/Instagram/or booktok (schedule below) for more details on each book!

DARK ONE by Brandon Sanderson

END AFTER END by David “DB” Andry, Tim Daniel, Sunando C (Illustrator)

MINDSET by Zack Kaplan & John J. Pearson (Illustrator)

MONEY SHOT Volumes 1-3 by Tim Seeley, Sarah Beattie, Rebekah Isaacs (Illustrator)

THE BLUE FLAME by Christopher Cantwell & Adam Gorham (Illustrator)

WEST OF SUNDOWN Volumes 1 & 2 by Tim Seeley & Aaron Campbell, Jim Terry (Illustrations)

WITCHBLOOD by Matthew Erman & Lisa Sterle (Illustrator)

HEART EYES by Dennis Hopeless & Víctor Ibáñez (Illustrator) YA Crossover



The Complete Series

About The Book

Title: HEART EYES (The Complete Series)

Authors: Dennis Hopeless & Víctor Ibáñez (Illustrator)

Pub. Date: July 18, 2023

Publisher: Vault Comics

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Pages: 144

A post-apocalyptic monster story teeming with horror, Lovecraftian-inspired monstrosities, romance, and one devil-may-care teenager named Lupe who is much more than she seems.


Sanity-eating monsters ended humanity. The unlucky few who survived now hide in the cracks of a broken world. And yet somehow, beneath the graveyard that used to be San Antonio, Rico met Lupe, the girl of his dreams - and an enigma. How did she get here? And why is she smiling? No one survives out in the street. No one smiles where the monsters lurk. But Lupe does.

Join teenagers Rico and Lupe as they journey through the desolate landscape of monstrous devastation - and their own obstacle-ridden relationship.

Heart Eyes explores themes of loneliness, mental illness, being your own worst enemy, and human connection reflecting the pandemic and post-pandemic world in which we live.

For fans of Lovecraftian monsters and horror, weird romance, post-apocalyptic fiction, Caitlin R. Kiernan (Houses Under the Sea, The Tinfoil Dossier series, Vile Affections, Tales of Pain and Wonder, Daughter of Hounds, Alabaster, Comes a Pale Rider), the Ellen Datlow-edited Lovecraft's Monsters, James Tynion IV's Something is Killing the Children, Robert Kirkman's Oblivion Song, Scott Snyder's Undiscovered Country, Bad Girls, Rick Remender's Low, Justin Jordan's The Spread, and Human Remains.

Collects the complete five-issue series.

About Dennis Hopeless:

Dennis Hopeless is a Harvey Award-winning writer from Kansas City, MO best known for Marvel titles such as X-Men, Avengers, Spider-Woman, and Captain America. Hopeless has also written for DC Comics, Image Comics, BOOM! Studios, and is the writer and co-creator of HEART EYES for Vault Comics.

Keep in touch here:

About Víctor Ibáñez:

Victor Ibanez is a critically-acclaimed illustrator based in Barcelona, Spain.

Keep in touch here:


A Very Non-Comic Book Holiday Interview with Víctor Ibáñez

COMIC BOOK YETI: What Winter holidays do you celebrate in December and January, and how do you celebrate them?

VÍCTOR IBÁÑEZ: We celebrate Christmas Eve with family: we indulge in homemade delicacies in large quantities, stay up late and, on the following day, Sant Esteve's Day, we eat abundantly again at noon. All accompanied by Cava and good white wine. I have to say that I don't drink, which allows me to emerge unscathed from such an annual celebration.

Another important Christmas Holiday is the Three Kings' Day, January 6th. [The day that] folks give you the presents that Santa wasn't able or didn't want to drop. CBY: What traditions are old family traditions?

VI: Nativity scenes are an essential part of Spanish and Catalan Christmas traditions. In Catalonia, we also have The "Tió de Nadal," the Christmas Log, which is a wooden log that poops presents and candy when they're beaten by the little ones (I could tell you the symbolic meaning behind this tradition but you would have to ask me if you want to know ;) )

But, mainly, eating largely is the most common tradition: turrones (nougat), polvorones (almond cookies), marzipan, and seafood are the typical dishes that you will find in every home during these wonderful holidays.

CBY: What traditions are ones that YOU’VE started?

VI: Complaining about getting old and that we have eaten too much. It is also a tradition not finding parking spots near the home where we're going to celebrate. Another tradition I started is to bring my nephews to a small forest area where I've previously hidden a very small Caga Tió. They find it and feed Mandarin peels to it as it grows bigger.

CBY: What sort of activities during the holidays are your favorites?

VI: Meeting old friends and your favorite relatives and walking the decorated city streets thinking that you made it again, another day, another year. CBY: What activities do you like the least?

VI: Eating too much and buying presents for my nephews. They barely care about those gifts cause they're saturated with so many new toys and this damn Fortnite. CBY: What are your favorite holiday memories from childhood?

VI: Oh, boy: The decorated tree, with a few lights and few ornaments...very humble.

The Masters of The Universe and the Castle of Grayskull, given by Santa, the Chocolate Turron which I could freely eat...and all the good people that aren't with us anymore. CBY: What are your favorite holiday memories from adulthood?

VI: It's hard to say cause I just recently started to care about Christmas again. I think that after the COVID lockdown, I started to appreciate what usually seemed boring about Christmas to me.

CBY: What are your favorite holiday foods?

VI: Seafood and whatever my mom has [craftily] prepared. WHATEVER. Mom, te quiero mucho.

CBY: What makes these winter holidays so special for you?

VI: There's a Christmas-related comic project that I'm preparing. This makes this winter holiday season very special in a NEW way. I'm still in the process of writing it, so it's a bit early, but I can't wait for you to see it.

CBY: Anything else you’d like to talk about that is holiday-related?

VI: Every Christmas is special in its own way, with its ups and downs. Some years are better, some are worse. But besides the nativity theme, I believe that Christmas is a celebration of "togetherness" when things are harsh outside of it. Does it make sense?

I hope so.




Giveaway Details:

1 winner will win finished copies of every book featured in the CHILLING HOLIDAYS from VAULT tour, US Only.

1 winner will win eBooks of every book featured in the CHILLING HOLIDAYS from VAULT tour, International.

Ends January 6th, midnight EST.

Enter here!


Tour Schedule

Week One:

12/1/2023 Lady Hawkeye FEATURE- WEST OF SUNDOWN

12/2/2023 #BRVL Book Review Virginia Lee Blog FEATURE- END AFTER END

Week Two:

12/3/2023 Comic Book Yeti FEATURE- HEART EYES

12/4/2023 Two Chicks on Books FEATURE- MONEY SHOT

12/5/2023 Kountry Girl Bookaholic FEATURE- THE BLUE FLAME

12/6/2023 Kim's Book Reviews and Writing Aha's FEATURE- WITCHBLOOD

12/7/2023 The Book View IG Post

12/8/2023 @darkfantasyreviews IG Post

12/9/2023 @dreaminginpages IG Post

Week Three:

12/10/2023 celiamcmahonreads IG Post

12/11/2023 Eli to the nth Review/IG Post

12/12/2023 Country Mamas With Kids Review/IG Post

12/13/2023 GryffindorBookishnerd IG Review

12/14/2023 A Blue Box Full of Books IG Review/LFL Drop Pic/TikTok Post

12/15/2023 IG Review

12/16/2023 @enthuse_reader IG Review/TikTok Post

Week Four:

12/17/2023 @pagesforpaige IG Review

12/18/2023 Jaimes_mystical_library IG Review

12/19/2023 Nonbinary Knight Reads Review/IG Post

12/20/2023 Books With a Chance Review/IG Post

12/21/2023 One More Exclamation IG Post

12/22/2023 @ohyouread IG Review

12/23/2023 travelersguidetobooks IG Review

Week Five:

12/24/2023 @lfl_onhst IG Post

12/25/2023 jlreadstoperpetuity IG Review/TikTok Post

12/26/2023 Sadie's Spotlight Feature- DARK ONE

12/27/2023 bookgirlbrown_reviews FEATURE- MINDSET/Review/IG Post

12/28/2023 The Momma Spot Review

12/29/2023 Here's to Happy Endings Review/IG Post

12/30/2023 @ashe_and_ink IG Review

Week Six:

12/31/2023 Destiny's Direction Review/IG Post

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