GLOBALCOMIX Launches Exciting Talent Marketplace! We Find Out How this Will Connect Creators

Christopher Carter, CEO for GlobalComix, enters the Yeti Cave to sit down with Steve Thompson to discuss the digital platform and what it has to offer to both readers and creators alike.

Comic Book Yeti: Can you tell us what GlobalComix does and what does "Read. Create. Publish." mean in the context of your mission statement?

Christopher Carter (GlobalComix CEO): GlobalComix is a digital platform that is designed to be the nexus of activity for the online comics community. We’ve built support for both readers and creators that allow them to use GlobalComix in meaningful and unique ways.

For fans of comics, “Read” means they can enjoy all of their favorites through a reading experience that is flexible and can be tailored to the story they’re reading. We help creators share memorable experiences and create that same feeling as reading an awesome story that you just picked up from the local comic shop.

“Create” is how we work with creators and publishers to ensure they have the tools at their disposal to be successful in the creation process. If someone is looking for work within the comics industry, or a creator wants to build a team to make comics, they can do that on GlobalComix with the Talent Marketplace.

When we talk about “Publish,” our mission is to make publishing comics and getting them in front of readers as quick and easy as possible, while also offering in-depth analytics and deep customization when it comes to how th