Creating Amid the Thunderdome – Neil Kleid's 5 Tips for Balancing Family, Work & Creative Endeavors

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

November 18th, 2021. I’m writing from my kitchen pantry, back against the canned goods. I cannot get out. The kids are squabbling outside my door. They have taken the family room and the kitchen. I have barred the way, but cannot hold them long. Snacks. They want snacks and need me to check six different kinds of homework. I cannot get out, not if I want to hit this fifth-issue deadline. I cannot get out. They are coming.

Dramatic, to be sure, but behold the daily (and sometimes nightly) struggle of the comic book creator with a family.

Armed with a considerable workload—not to mention healthy ambitions for more—but also responsibilities to a day job, wife and kids. I’ve been spinning those good ol’ work-family-comics plates for nearly two decades…and as other creators with children, elderly parents and varied responsibilities may attest, finding the necessary, dedicated time and space to sit, think and dream never does get easier.