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GlobalComix Breaks the Language Barrier

Comics publishers and creators can seamlessly and easily publish and showcase in multiple supported languages, only on GlobalComix

GlobalComix means a global audience. With titles available worldwide all on one platform, accessibility is key to enhancing readership, especially when it comes to breaking the language barrier. 


Indian comic company Yali Dream Creations, is focused on creating original stories to engage global audiences using comics and graphic novels; bringing imagination with a mixture of horror and fantasy, mind-bending sci-fi and mythology. While their hit comic THE VILLAGE, is not only the first Indian graphic novel to receive an adaptation as a six-episode original Amazon series (Nov. 24th) on Prime Video India, GlobalComix is also the only place to read it in multiple languages, including English, Bengali, Hindi, and Tamil! 


Comics publishers and creators can seamlessly and easily publish and showcase their work in multiple supported languages. Readers head to the profile page with the default language set to the preferred region. Easily select and change to the language of their choice.

As comics fans shift to reading mobile apps and digitally downloaded PDFs, GlobalComix is paving the way for more creators than ever with its user-friendly portal, featuring enhanced view options and language accessibility.


Whether discovering new favorite international titles or uploading in multiple languages, reach a global audience with GlobalComix. To get started, visit or download the app, now available with a subscription on iOS and Android phones and tablets. PDF downloads are also available.

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