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Get your bowls of cereal ready, it's time to dive back into Classic Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Fresh off the press from Hopeful Rowemantic Studios, we have two NEW previews for you to check out. For fans of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, here's a sneak peek of two tales of N.A.R.L.I. coming this spring!!


Writer/Colorist/Letterer - Kevin Michael Rowe Artist - William Montalvo

Introducing N.A.R.L.I. the Radical Robot. He skateboards with a dinosaur, travels in time to meet a famous artist, teaches kids about safety, and comes face to face with his arch nemesis THE NERD and the evil organization known as B.O.G.U.S.!

“It all started because I was daydreaming at work instead of doing my job,” said Kevin Michael Rowe. “As a huge fan of Bill & Ted movies and Star Wars, I just got to wondering what C3-P0 be like if he was programmed by Bill & Ted themselves. I later met William Montalvo at writing class at Comics Experience, during the pandemic. Both William and Scott went above and beyond in turning my ideas into pictures, and I am so proud of what’s transpired! I hope that when people read N.A.R.L.I., they get the same feeling they did watching their favorite cartoons and shows growing up—a sense of adventure, fun, and a slightly forced moral message reminding us to be rad to everyone!”

Writer/Colorist/Letterer - Kevin Michael Rowe Artist - William Montalvo Join the bodacious bot as he takes his drivers test, protects his mom from the diabolical plans of the Nerd and B.O.G.U.S., and witness the debut of what will be N.A.R.L.I’s greatest foe, G.R.O.D.I.!

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