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Comic Book Yeti Tabletop Staff Picks — Part 1

Being new to the Comic Book Yeti team, I’ve loved taking the time to chat in our Discord and getting to know everyone. As most conversations go for me, I asked each of them what their favorite board game is. I thought it would be fun to learn more about these wonderful people and maybe even to broaden their gaming spectrum with recommendations for other games. 

Matt: Editor-in-Chief

Lords of Waterdeep (Wizards of the Coast)

“While I love Dungeons & Dragons and the connective tissue of this game to the greater franchise, what I like most about Lords of Waterdeep is the game's mechanics. There are so many different ways to win, especially if you include the expansions, and you have to decide if sabotaging another player is worth potentially sabotaging yourself in the process. You never know who's going to win until the cards are revealed at the end!”

Lords of Waterdeep is a great strategy game that utilizes worker placement and resource management all in order to grab those precious points! Become the secret ruler that has the most influence over the city and win the game!

Dan's Recommendation:

Marvel: Age of Heroes is a game that is very similar in gameplay, as it is designed by one Lords of Waterdeep designer, Rodney Thompson. Play as a pair of X-Men to gather resources you can use to battle against villains, all in the name of grabbing those sweet victory points!

Byron: Media Editor

7 Wonders (Repos Production)

“I’m a big fan of 7 Wonders. The game mechanics are easy to understand, so players new to the game can pick it up quickly. The replayability is very high as there are multiple winning strategies to explore with each civilization. It also hits that sweet spot for duration, usually lasting 30-45 minutes, making it a great choice for a game party, and it’s competitive by design without moving into super-aggressive gameplay.”

7 Wonders is a great way to introduce new gamers to modern board games. The card-drafting mechanic is novel, yet easy to understand. One of the few games that is great even with 7 players!

Dan's Recommendation:

7 Wonders Duel is a tremendous option for when you only have two players and want to scratch that civilization card-drafting itch. Played over three ages, the cards are arranged in a faceup/facedown central playing area where players alternate taking cards and either using them for their resources, selling for coins, or building their Wonders. I often prefer this version to the original. 

Emlyn: Digital Librarian

Kodama: The Tree Spirits (Action Phase Games)

“In Kodama: The Tree Spirits, each player grows a tree to attract cute little Kodama spirits. Featuring beautiful art, Kodama is a lovely warm-up for game night. It includes ‘sprout’ cards that feature simpler challenges, which makes it an easy game to teach or play with kids. It’s a quick, fun game for fans of Calico.”

Dan's Recommendation:

Kodama is a game I have not yet played, but I am definitely interested. Quick and fun small box games are a favorite of mine. Based on Emlyn’s description of the game as a quick warm-up game that is kid-friendly, I highly recommend Spots. This is such a fun push-your-luck dice-rolling game. Trick cards let you roll dice to fill and score your dog cards. The first person to score six dog cards wins! Each game can use a different set of trick cards, leading to varied gameplay each time. 

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