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Collected for the first time, Michael Dolce’s THE SIRE: ORIGINS, coming this summer!

Dren Productions is proud to announce The Sire: Origins, written, lettered and colored by Michael Dolce (Grimms Fairy Tales) with art by Daniel Leister(Werewolf Run, Metal Ice Cream), and a stunning cover by fan-favorite Talent Caldwell(GI Joe, Superman). This never-before-collected edition contains remastered images as well as new bonus content; a true love letter to 90’s superhero comics!

Not all costumes are a perfect fit…

Donald Wright woke up trapped inside a superhero costume. Bestowed with amazing powers, he's forced to battle villains against his will. Now Donald must find out why the how and why he was chosen for danger.

The Sire has been and will always be my baby,” said Michael Dolce. “To me, it’s as much homage to the comics I grew up reading as it’s me exploring and trying to break new ground at the same time—the passion and love I have for these characters and this superhero universe I’ve created is very present. By the end of each issue, I want readers feeling as at home and mesmerized by these characters and storylines as I am.”

Originally published by After Hours Press, The Sire: Origins collects the first three issues of the series and hits shops June 28th!

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