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CBY EXCLUSIVE: Band of Bards New Series Announcements and Preview Pages!

To celebrate you, the fans, Band of Bards wanted to do something fun for Free Comic Book Day. So the publisher shared with Comic Book Yeti exclusively the below preview digital ashcan, featuring a 6-page preview of Grandma Tilly’s Hell-Tech MECH, coming to Previews and pre-order in July 2023! It also features the first 5 pages of American Dreams #1, and Magni the Mighty #1!

Reads on for a message from Band of Bards, a little more about the books featured, and some special announcements on upcoming titles!

Thank you so much for supporting Band of Bards and our amazing roster of creators these last few years. We can’t do this without the support of the comics community, and are so grateful to have the opportunity to make these projects happen!

Let’s keep making comics together!


Band of Bards

Grandma Tilly’s Hell-Tech MECH

Writer: Dakota Brown

Artist: Lane Lloyd

Letterer: Micah Myers

When she breaks her controller in a fit of rage, 65-year-old gamer Tilly Caldwell needs to get her hands on a new controller before the Double-Experience Weekend event for her favorite game is over. She orders a rideshare and is surprised to see a fleshy, three-story-high robot arrive at her house.

As it turns out, the "ride" is a recently escaped secret government experiment built from “Hell-Tech,” an interdimensional technology acquired from a devilish dimension adjacent to our own.

What follows is a hellish adventure featuring a tracksuit-wearing sexagenarian gamer, her husband’s ashes, an unpredictable ship that is half-tech and half-flesh-horror, and a wannabe wizard with a penchant for confetti.


American Dreams

Writer: Dan Kalban

Penciler: Dody Eka

Inker: Tebe Andry

Colorist: Warnia K. Sahadewa

Letterer: Matt Bowers

Editors: Lashawn Colvin and Andrea Smith

NYC in 1900, a Jewish immigrant, Jake Gold, works in a sweatshop by day and fights in a gang at night. One night, Thomas Edison performs a strange experiment in Central Park, unleashing strange energy across NYC, and Jake is suddenly gifted with amazing powers.

His path soon crosses with that of luminaries such as Harry Houdini, anarchist Emma Goldman, and crusading journalist Nellie Bly. Standing against the neophyte hero are Edison, JP Morgan, and, worst of all, the occultist leader Aleister Crowley.

Can Jake rise to the occasion and protect everyone’s American Dreams?


Magni the Mighty

Writer: Devin Arscott

Artist & Letterer: David Monge Bautista

Colorist: Ibrahim Aydin

Interior Graphics and Cover Letterer: LetterSquids

Magni the Mighty follows the sons of Thor, Magni and Modi, as they discover their place in the post-Ragnarök world. Within this 54-page perfect-bound double-issue comic, you’ll experience a brand new world influenced by Norse mythology, filled with new, exciting characters destined to become something spectacular in this opening salvo in the expansive world built within the Magni the Mighty universe.

The Nine Realms are in disorder! Can Magni & Modi put their differences aside and be the leaders Asgard needs to rebuild? There's only one way to find out!



Worlds Away is coming to Previews and pre-order in November 2023!

Worlds Away, written by Damien Becton, is Radiant Black meets God of War. Set in a futuristic universe, Worlds Away #1 separates itself from the pack by blending high-octane, sci-fi action in a fantastical, archaic setting – all glued together by a story of a mother who will stop at nothing to protect her daughter. It’s a spellbinding, 22-page issue (more if we reach our stretch goals!) filled with thrilling action sequences grounded by intense and sometimes brutal character moments and decisions.

The Cauldron is coming to Previews and pre-order in August 2023!

A young witch must endure the distractions of a haunted castle while attempting to summon a demon lord. Written by CJ Hudson (Lycan, Vigia), The Cauldron promises to be an exciting journey into a wonderfully witchy world of sorcery the likes of which have never been seen!

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