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CBY Classifieds: Talent Looking For Work

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has not been a boon to the comic book market, nor to many people's non-comic book day jobs. And the hits keep coming. Just last week, DC cut roughly one-third of its editorial staff. We put out a call on Twitter to ask who's had a rough go of it this year, and the list below captures the talented many who responded. Please feel free to reach out to them if you're looking for a collaborator with their set of talents.

Disclaimer: To keep the focus on those who need the work most, I didn't include any respondents who claimed to have steady work at the moment. We may do something similar to this again in the future and feature a more comprehensive list with everyone.

Tom Woodman – Writer – Portfolio

Matt Garvey – Writer – Website

J Francis Totti – Artist – Twitter

Alex Schumacher – Cartoonist – Website

Example of Faye Stacey's work

Paul Little – Illustrator – Art Station

Lesley Atlansky – Colorist – Website

Joe Glass – Writer – Website

David Avallone – Writer – Website

Faye Stacey – Illustrator, Colorist – Linktree

P.D. Loupee – Editor, Writer, Colorist – Behance

Lainey Williams – Illustrator – Website

Jay Sloan – Illustrator, Graphic Designer – Website

Dylan Jacobsen – Writer, Artist – Website

Patrick Sinnott – Artist – Website

Megan Cosman – Marketing – Email

Kevin Maher – Illustrator, Logo Design – Portfolio

Spencer Amundson – Cartoonist, Illustrator, Character Designer – Website

G.C. Houle – Illustrator – Website

Justin Peniston – Writer – Website

Rhandi Fisher – Writer, Illustrator – Portfolio

Nathan Kempf – Letterer – Website

Jeremy Fuscaldo – Illustrator, Character Design – Website

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