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Writer: Cortney Cameron

Illustrator: Luyi Bennett

Publisher: Self-Published

Catians: Resurrection, issue #1, cover, self-published, Cameron/Bennett
Catians: Resurrection, issue #1, cover, self-published, Cameron/Bennett


A cat-themed semi-magical girl-style prelude to a greater tale of good and evil. This prequel sets up the future series' greater antagonist.

Comic-wise, it's a little Wayward meets Monstress.


(Minor Spoilers)

A gang murders a woman's husband. When she finds out she's beloved by cats who bestow her with magical powers, she takes her revenge on his killers with the help of her new, furry friends.

But when she uses her newfound abilities in a way they were never intended to be used, the consequences might be more dire than she could have ever thought.


  • The manga-inspired art style works well with the magical girl tropes

  • Luyi Bennett's color work is smart, desaturating her colors to build tension and using pops of red for dramatic effect. The color throughout is high-quality, beautifully rendered with a lot of thought to lighting and texture.

  • Her hand-drawn balloons and lifelike illustration style bring an organic tone to the story, balancing the more fantasy-oriented tropes

  • Bennett somehow brings facial expressions to cats without making them seem fake or monstrous

  • This issue is completely free at the links listed below. The duo plans to release one 24-page chapter 1-2 times per year, and a print edition will be available in the not-too-distant future.

  • The little interstitial panels are very pretty, focusing on design, and bring a magical feeling to the pages while giving the narration room to breathe.

  • Cortney Cameron writes this story in a way that alludes to a depth of history that's yet to be revealed, but not in a way that feels overwhelming. It lends a richness to the world that promises fertile territory for the future stories to come.

  • There's a fair amount of depth and heartbreak that I didn't expect to encounter in a cat-centric, magical girl comic. There are moments in Catians that hit you like a gut punch, which helps you understand some of the characters' choices.


  • Some cursing and violence may place target readership in the "Teens+" category.

  • It's pretty cat-centric, so, if you're not a "cat person," this series may not be for you.

Catians: Resurrection, issue #1, self-published, Cameron/Bennett
Catians: Resurrection, issue #1, self-published, Cameron/Bennett


Especially for a free comic, it's very well made, and the creators have a lot of plans for the future of the series.

The series promises cats, diverse teens, and magical powers against a powerful evil. Personally, that's right up my alley.

Definitely consider checking it out!


Read it for free on:

Or keep up with their Patreon for information about a printed version.

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