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Ben Slabak's Exilium and Exilium Vanguard hits 91% on Kickstarter

Written by Ben Slabak, and with the combined artistic talents of Salomon Farias (Scout Comics’ The Wretches and IDW’s Back to the Future: Citizen Brown) and Pablo Verdugo Munoz (Action Lab Comics’ Mr. Beaver and Mad Cave Studios’ Hollywood Trash). Slabak’s Kickstarter campaign is raising funds to release the 2nd issue of Exilium: Season 2 and the first two issues of Exilium Vanguard, a series taking place in the original Exilium universe - has already hit 91% on Kickstarter and there's still 3 weeks to go.

Exilium and Exilium: Vanguard create such an immersive science fiction experience for readers that Slabak promises “you don’t need to own the original Exilium run” to enjoy this operatic space adventure series. This is a universe expansion of two fronts.

Slabak had the following to say about the latest instalment of Exilium:

“When I set out to write the story of Exilium, I had it in mind for the story to grow beyond the initial six-issue series and for the universe of Exilium to keep expanding. Upon completing season one and the end of the story arc, I started toying with the idea of a spin-off series and planted a bit of an easter egg on the very last page of the first series. Not only did the epilogue serve to set up the second season, but it's directly tied in with the spin-off series as well.

“Titled Exilium: Vanguard, the new series is not a prequel nor a sequel. Rather, it takes place concurrently with the events of the first series, with the opening taking place just one day before the action unfolds in the first issue of the very first Exilium series. The first issue of Exilium: Vanguard will introduce some new faces as they embark on a perilous mission, and we'll see some familiar faces, too, from the first series making a cameo and somewhat of a passing-of-the-torch.

“I'm very excited to be working with Pablo Verdugo Muñoz, who is doing a phenomenal job illustrating this series, and it's been a lot of fun collaborating with him. We have opted for grey tones instead of colour as Pablo's inks and grey tones look simply amazing, and on top of that, I had been toying with the idea of doing a black and white book for some time.

Exilium: Vanguard is a series that no Exilium nor sci-fi/space opera fan should miss. It will be quite a ride.”

Here's what the comics industry is saying about Exilium and Exilium Vanguard:

“Slabak and Verdugo Munoz deliver a solid big budget sci-fi action epic in a way that is fun, relatable, and pulls you in from the very start. Crisp writing and stunning visuals make Exilium Vanguard a must have for lovers of the genre.”

- Jimmy Palmiotti (Harley Quinn, Painkiller Jane)

“Exilium hits all the right notes of a sci-fi story to keep true fans of the genre head-banging the entire time.”

- Jonathan Hedrick (The Recount, Freakshow)

"Every book I've seen from Ben Slabak has taken my breath away... if only my own comics looked that good!" - Darren Close (Killeroo)

"A thoughtful love letter to the great space operas that wrestles with big hairy social, political, and existential questions in a really meaningful way. New season. New threat. It’s a perfect time to hop aboard." - Rylend Grant (Suicide Jockeys, Banjax, Aberrant)

“Exilium continues to find its own voice while singing love songs of sci-fi of the past."

- Lan Pitts (WWE, Big Hype)

The latest installment of Exilium and the first two issues of Exilium: Vanguardis currently running on Exilium and there are still plenty of rewards available including "catch up" tiers, a brand new hardcover graphic novel entitled MECHANIX, resin figures and MOST IMPORTANTLY - every tier includes the 3 new books.


Ben Slabak – Creator & writer

Ben Slabak is a writer/creator based in Sydney, Australia. Since 2014 he has written several original comic book series, including the action/adventure series Trail and its spin-off series Trail: New World; the sci-fi series Exilium, as well as a number of graphic novels including The Mapmaker, published by Scout Comics; an all-ages sci-fi adventure tale Mechanix; and historical tales 1566 A.D. and Ahmose. He has also edited and produced the crime action series Mr. Beaver, published by Action Lab Comics. The collected Exilium Season One graphic novel has since gone on to become one of Australia's all-time highest crowdfunded graphic novels.

Salomon Farias – artist of Exilium season 1 & 2

Based in Curico, Chile, Salomon is a life-long sketcher and has been working as a professional comic book artist since 2011. Some of his recent work includes The Wretches, published by Scout Comics, as well as Back to the Future: Citizen Brown from IDW.

Pablo Verdugo Muñoz - artist of Exilium: Vanguard

Based in Santiago, Chile, Pablo is a professional illustrator with many years of experience. He has created, written and illustrated the crime action series Mr. Beaver, published by Action Lab Comics. His latest work can be seen in the recently released series Hollywood Trash from Mad Cave Studios and some of his previous work includes the 12-issue mini-series Winter City which received a wide critical acclaim. He has also illustrated the first issue of a new mini-series, Terminus a Quo by Ben Slabak.

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