Ben Slabak's Exilium and Exilium Vanguard hits 91% on Kickstarter

Written by Ben Slabak, and with the combined artistic talents of Salomon Farias (Scout Comics’ The Wretches and IDW’s Back to the Future: Citizen Brown) and Pablo Verdugo Munoz (Action Lab Comics’ Mr. Beaver and Mad Cave Studios’ Hollywood Trash). Slabak’s Kickstarter campaign is raising funds to release the 2nd issue of Exilium: Season 2 and the first two issues of Exilium Vanguard, a series taking place in the original Exilium universe - has already hit 91% on Kickstarter and there's still 3 weeks to go.

Exilium and Exilium: Vanguard create such an immersive science fiction experience for readers that Slabak promises “you don’t need to own the original Exilium run” to enjoy this operatic space adventure series. This is a universe expansion of two fronts.