Writer: Cullen Bunn

Illustrator: Jonas Scharf

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Basilisk, Issue #1, Cover by Jonas Scharf, BOOM! Studios, Bunn/Scharf


Charged with supernatural antics and high-action sequences, a woman endowed with murderous powers flees from her bloodthirsty companions in Basilisk.

Powerful women and an evil cult make Basilisk feel like a mashup of Kill Bill and Midsommar.


(Minor Spoilers)

A group of five people dressed in turquoise hospital scrubs descend upon a town in the waning twilight of a normal evening. Then, one woman in the group kills a citizen with a mere touch, and all hell breaks loose.

Bound together psychically like a hivemind, these cultish individuals self-labeled as the "Chimera" destroyed the town of Kingsley. Their sense-based powers allowed them to murder at will, unhinged and unmatched. But one of the Chimera, Regan, fled the fold. Two years later, Kingsley-victim Hannah remembers this mass murder. Hannah tracks down and captures the fugitive Chimera imbued with the power of a Basilisk.