Band of Bards Redux: Bandier and Bardier – An Interview with CHRIS BENAMATI

Chris Benamati, undaunted by his earlier excursion, bravely returns to the Yeti Cave to sit down with Papa Yeti himself, Matt Ligeti, to discuss Band of Bards' successful crowdfunding efforts, their goals for the future, and what readers and creators can expect.

COMIC BOOK YETI: Chris! Thanks for coming back to the Yeti Cave for an update on Band of Bards.

When last we really got down to it about the publisher, it was when y’all were funding FINAL GAMBLE. Though it was just a few months ago, it feels much longer. Since then, you’ve funded your second title, PROSPECTS, and announced a horror-themed anthology, FROM THE STATIC. That’s a lot for a new publisher in a short amount of time. How’re you feeling?

CHRIS BENAMATI: It does feel longer...especially after the last few weeks. (laughs)

But, I'm feeling good. If you asked me this last week when we were going through that discourse over the Anthology’s name, I might have offered a different view, but that all being in the rearview, I'm back to being neck-deep into being a productive member of comic society again! There were a good amount of ups and downs though over the last few months, especially when we thought Prospects was not going to fund...not that our plan needed that, it's just nice to see some members of our community swoop in last minute to make it happen and give us two wins. We definitely have set some lofty goals, especially for 2022!

CBY: I’ve probably mentioned it before, but