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Writer: Jarred Lujan

Artist: Matt Harding

Colorist: Warnia Sahadewa

Letterer: Melanie Ujimori

Publisher: Kickstarter (Self Published)

All the Devils are Here, Cover by Matt Harding


A dark dive into an exorcism further complicated by the late stages of dementia.

Think Constantine meets Exorcist in the vein of Inception.


(Minor spoilers)

What happens when the people you work so hard to rescue balance on the edge of being saved? Juan Carlos Garcia (AKA, "JC," AKA "The Eater") is about to find that out firsthand as Joe Morris lays before him, suffering from the late stages of dementia with something far more sinister hidden beneath the surface.

Through means of a blood ritual, we follow JC as he bypasses the sedation to get consent to perform the exorcism, but there are things that even JC is unable to foresee...

This isn't your traditional exorcism, and things are about to get a lot more interesting as he learns he has a limited window before he's forced to leave the ritual entirely.

Can he save Joe Morris before time runs out? And, if he can't...can he save himself?


  • Lujan's ability to balance three conflicting voices along with JC's is done in a unique combination that allows for more inner dialogue to be present without confusing the reader.

  • Harding's method of transporting the reader from a normal ordinary church to a dream-like state is a visual representation of dementia and was executed brilliantly, bleeding the environment from the panel and transforming them into entire pages of full art.

  • The colorist for this issue, Warnia Sahadewa, added gorgeous coloring and techniques in combination with Harding's pencils. Sahadewa's colors within the blood ritual were simply mesmerizing and while deep in Joe's mind painted a dark, and bleak world effortlessly.

  • Melanie Ujimori's lettering really set this issue off, focusing on the 3 unique individuals within JC and giving them their own character traits. via different colored speech bubbles, enunciations, and emphasis on different words.

  • The story follows a path rarely traveled within the exorcist setting, with the blood ritual creating more of an emotional connection between Joe and JC.

  • The character development and story are both well-paced, paying close attention to not rush one for the other. This is later amplified when the reader is introduced to the antagonist without spoiling the mysterious feeling surrounding it.

  • The story offers a perfect blend of the darkness found within exorcism met with the dream-like state of Inception, filled with action, violence, and more.


  • The introduction of the comic starts without fleshing out JC much. The emotional payoff it's going for needs to build more audience investment in the character.

  • The cohesion of Joe and Corson's mind and memories may be confusing to digest for some readers.

  • The abrupt pivot from the King of West Hell's introduction to a vast city without much introduction left more questions than it had answers for.

All the Devils are Here, Interior art by Matt Harding


Though exorcism is often overdone in the horror genre, All the Devil's Here puts a fresh spin on the idea by diving deep into the roots of dementia. Lujan's addition of demonic possession, in combination with his creative team, provides a unique visualization of the fleeting grasp of memory loss in the late stages of this neurological condition. To marry it alongside demons and exorcisms was a fresh twist and offered something new when compared to examples such as the Exorcist novel and multiple films.

The world within the blood ritual maintained a level of curiosity long enough to tease the idea JC is going to find what he's looking for, before hitting readers with twist after twist. The momentum of the story will keep readers on the edge of their seats as they anticipate what is going to happen next!

If you enjoy the darker side of storytelling, demons, and wisecracking voices, you'll love All the Devils are Here.


All the Devils are Here is not currently available for purchase, follow Jarred Lujan on Twitter @jarredlujan and get updates by following the Kickstarter page here.

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