Cartoonist: Mike Barry

Publisher: Originally self-published, picked up by Scout Comics

A young boy in a science-fiction pilot's jacket and with oversized goggles pushed up on his forehead, jumping dynamically into the air with the two words of the title ACTION TANK bracketing him. Above the title, in the upper left-hand of the page, is the name Mike Barry. Below, in the right corner, are the words "Book 2."
Action Tank, Book 2, Cover, Mike Barry


The second installment in an exciting space odyssey aimed at younger readers, roughly ages 7 to 12. The book opens up precisely where the previous story left off, and continues it over a page-count almost twice that of the original.

The sci-fi action and adventure, combined with themes of connecting with other people and doing what’s right, are very similar to works like the Zita the Space Girl and Hilo graphic novel series.


(Minor Spoilers)

The unnamed boy, now a Super Adventure Pilot, has finally escaped Pluto and is racing home in the star ship Verity. Alongside him are the robed figure of the mysterious Rex Quattricorn and the deceptively powerful yellow bird he rescued at the end of the previous story, while before him is a straight shot to home and the dinner he hopes is still waiting for him.

And then, a galaxy-roaming warlord in a battleship the size of a small moon blasts them out of the stars.