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8 Top Comic Books for New Readers

The world of comics has long been associated with childhood, but even adults who may never have picked up a comic book in their younger years are likely to have encountered its influence through popular media, movie adaptations, and events like Comic Con. 


And while comic books were once primarily aimed at a younger audience, the medium has evolved to cater to a wider range of readers, including adults who appreciate the stunning artwork and thought-provoking narratives that today's comics offer.

Henry Söderlund - CC BY 2.0


Though some comic books can be complex and difficult to follow, there are also many great options for new readers. Here are some of the best ones:

1. The Walking Dead

If you are new to the comic book game but have seen or heard of The Walking Dead TV series, consider picking up one of the comic books of the same name. This comic book series, created by writer Robert Kirkman and artist Tony Moore, has 193 published issues and was used as inspiration for the TV show. 

The comics are different in style and feature a number of different characters from the television adaptation.

2. Superman: American Alien

For newbie comic readers who already know and love Superman films and shows, Superman: American Alien is a must-read. Originally published with just seven issues, you can now get this comic series in a full-length book, making it a quick and easy read too. 


The plot of this comic revolves around Clark Kent as he begins to discover his superpowers at a young age in Kansas.

3. Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim is a six-volume comic series that is perfect for readers who love humor and adventure. While the original volumes were published in black and white between 2004 and 2010, full-color editions were republished later to highlight Bryan Lee O'Malley's artwork. 


The plot of this series follows a high school boy who dates a girl with superpowers, and her seven ex-boyfriends become the supervillains of the story.

4. Kingdom Come

The most popular DC comic book characters team up to make Kingdom Come work. In this comic, characters of the Justice League, including Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Aquaman, among others, travel to the future of an alternate DC universe. 


It was created by Mark Waid and Alex Ross in the late 1990s, and it featured four original issues. Today, readers can easily access this miniseries by getting the trade paperback collection of all issues.

5. Eternals

Eternals is a long-running comic book series published by Marvel with the first issues dating back to 1970. Although this comic series has historically been published in short volumes over large spans of time, it is considered to be one of the best comic series published by Marvel, and it even inspired a 2021 film of the same name. 


The series itself follows the Eternals, who are a race of genetically deviated humans who are seen as similar to gods. The Eternals have also appeared in cross-over stories with many other Marvel comics and films, including Jason Aaron’s Avengers.

Helgi Halldórsson/Freddi - CC BY-SA 2.0

6. Once & Future

Published by Boom! Studios, Once & Future is a horror comic created by writer Kieron Gillen. This comic differs greatly from other horror comics though because it doubles as a fantasy and historical fiction comic. The comic series revolves around the historical figure King Arthur after he is resurrected in a modern-day supernatural ritual. 


However, Arthur soon turns into a whirlwind of destruction, and a retired monster hunter attempts to stop him as well as other horrific creatures. Multiple critics have praised this series as one of the best modern adaptations of King Arthur myths and legends, including Screen Rant and Comic Book Resources.

7. Saga

Saga is a space opera and fantasy comic series that follows a fictional husband and wife who are fleeing from a galactic war with their daughter. First published by Image Comics in 2012, this series is ongoing and has been said by its creator, Brian K. Vaughan, that it will have 108 issues. 


Artist Fiona Staples supplies the artwork for every page. The series has won 12 Eisner Awards and 17 Harvey Awards.

8. Archie

Archie is another popular ongoing comic book series that is published by Archie Comics, and it has been adapted into a TV series known as Riverdale, which aired on the CW. This comic series follows the character Archie Andrews, who has appeared in other Archie Comics, having first appeared in Pep Comics #22


Multiple collected editions exist of Archie, making it easily accessible for readers new to the comic book world. The general plot of these books follows incidents that occur after a breakup between Archie Andrew and Betty Cooper in the small town of Riverdale.



Readers of all ages can enjoy comic books, especially books that feature inspiring artwork, such as Saga, Eternals, and The Walking Dead, among many others. Getting into the world of comic books for the first time can feel daunting since there are so many titles out there. 


This weekend, skip the plan for watching the new movie or that NFL game, head out to your local book or comic store (or order online on Amazon) and get a copy of any of the above comics. Picking up your first issue can open the door to the world of this well-rounded genre

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