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5 Webcomics That’ll Have You Calling Your Mom

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 14, don'tchaknow, and Manta has several webcomics that highlight the love and strength of mothers and mother-figures on this special day. What a coincidence!

Here's a list of some good ones you should check out!


We're doing all right, aren't we?

A single mother who makes a living translating thriller novels, a teenage daughter just a bit on the unique side, and a cat with a penchant for tube treats. We might not be the perfect family, but we're doing our best in our own way!

Diary of a 20-something caretaker.

After spending her entire life working in the fields and taking care of her family, Granny's been diagnosed with dementia — and I’m her new caretaker. Now I’m starting to understand the hardships of the women who’ve grown up in the patriarchy.

My paper tiger came to life!

A mother breathes life into an origami tiger. A cyborg detective stalks a serial killer. A world overrun by AI. Based on bestselling author Ken Liu's short stories, these four mesmerizing tales set in a world that's not quite ours explore themes of love, loss, and what it means to be human.

You never know what today holds!

100-year-old writer Jinhee was ready to leave her life behind. But in a world of new technology and higher life expectancies, that’s no longer the case. Together with her robot caretaker M.U. and her upbeat neighbor Baegun, can Jinhee rediscover the simple joys that make life worth living?

A digital family adapts to an analog world.

If the Internet were to disappear tomorrow, what would you do? When the "Digital Wipeout" prevents access to digital data on a global scale, the Koos are faced with this exact predicament. Now, this family of social media addicts will have to put down their phones and really connect — face to face.

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