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4 COLOR LOW-DOWN: Weekly Comics News 4/17/24

Halt! You shall not pass...this incredible opportunity to read recycled last weeks news and regurgitated press releases! Hello it's your favorite and longest running Yeti news aggregator Doug Wood. I'm here to warn you that the crowdfunding tidal wave has returned this week. Campaign after campaign launches this week with no end in sight. I pray to the wallet gods that your money is bountiful enough to survive its onslaught! As you batten down your hatches, lets soften you up with that prior mentioned mama birded news! I've finish chewing it so open wide! (I didn't write this! Yeti don't make this weird!)


Oh my sweet and precious readers, I wasn't given a press release for Image Comics newly announced We Called Them Giants from creators Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans. I won't give you a single detail about the story because I wasn't given it and I refuse to steal content. But I will show you this image and let you know it will exist some time in the future. That's neat right? Person with a hockey stick? Some kind of hand?

I think they said November?

We continue our Image Comics coverage with a collection (compendium) of Ed Brubaker and Sean Philips series Fatale. I don't read the language but I believe its pronounced Fat-Tail-E. If you missed this brilliant series last time, what a wonderful way to get the series. Large and gorgeously presented.

In your shops July.


Whoa ho ho! What do we have here? Mad Cave Studio announces vol. 2 of Mushroom Knight! Oliver Bly's fantastic vol 1 was an enjoyable read for me, so I will no doubt expect all of you to give this a continued look. All rendered beautifully with the most gorgeous color palate.

This one comes out just after my birthday so you know it was meant to be. November 5th!



We start off with the one you should have been looking out for! It's Simon Roy's Refugium. I was lucky to get a early copy of the book, and I say of what I have read so far has been absolutely satisfying. Simon continues his electric storytelling and curious alien designs. He is describing the book as "A journey to an ancient pocket of alien life, on a terraformed world... and a sprawling guidebook to the lost life-forms of the planet!"

Get yourself a copy as the book is now live!

Continuely with the heavy hitters this week, we run into Kat Calamia/Phil Falco and Roberta Ingranata's The Witches of Oz. This a NSFW imagining of the land of Oz, where Glinda the Good is outcast and forced to turn to the last expected place...The Wicked Witch of the West.

This book is blasting off toward its goal. (Correction already at its goal immediately)

Next up we have the continued Evie and Helsings 1-3! Steve Bryant and Don Cardenas pitch this book as: "For centuries, the Van Helsing family has protected humanity from things that go bump in the night. The last protector has fallen, and the mantle goes to her one surviving heir. The problem is, Evie Van Helsing just wants to rock." A fun book that feels like it could have come from Mike Allred.

This project has already launch so go get one!

Richard Fairgray returns with Wet Cement! He describes it as such: "Issue 1 of this 6 part limited series follows Max as he faces up to the harsh truths bubbling below the surface of his life. Navigating friendships, love and the desperate need to escape suburbia becomes a lot harder when something impossible is going on right outside your door."

Already launched! Go help this out!

Late entry, we have Outer Spaced 2. They say this about it: "Outer Spaced is a cosmic cannabis infused comedy about the newest draftees of the Global Space Force as an invading race of aliens looks to takeover and unlock Earth's ancient secrets."

Already launched

We end with prolific crowdfunding machine Pat Shand's new book Wild Wisps. This one is probably already on your radar, but in case your forgot here we go!

Already funded



Crunch time has arrived for The Unsleeping Eye from Brian Level and Kurt Blecher! Strange and violent sorta-people known only as "Oddfellows" have besieged the small town of Mercurial. Unable to escape the chaotic place, several faithful citizens find themselves bound together and dedicated to chronicling and spreading knowledge of the weird and horrific events happening inside the city limits by way of a neighborhood newspaper that seems to be blessed. THE UNSLEEPING EYE, printed and compiled in a landlocked lighthouse at the edge of town. THE EYES distribute their paper to the people in hopes of staving off the evil that's made it's way to their town. Unnerving constructions, malevolent evangelists, and nightmare creatures of unknown origin are around every corner of Mercurial, and THE EYES intend on turning every one of those corners to learn the truth.  Join them.

Already funded please back today!

Together Forever is winding down. "TOGETHER FOREVER is a 27-page story of love and loss that proves one person's nightmare is another's miracle."

This book needs your help! Please help it get to its goal!


What Would I Buy

Let me tell you what I saw in the Diamond Previews catalog that I thought I'd like. Selections are based on if I had the budget of $5, $15, 0r $30. This week I am joined by writer/artist overall comic doer, Matt Hardy!!! Matt is just coming off of writing for Batman, so it is cool to have him on here. Please give all your praised to him!

What If Matt Had $5

I walk into the comic book store with a crisp five dollar bill and what do I buy? I’m going to be real with you, dear reader…I was going to try to fill this spot with an indie comic because I feel that if a person were to be limited to one purchase, then it should be in the pursuit of the unique and the rare, not to mention helping out a person who most likely struggles against the mammoth machines that are Marvel and DC. However, that epic episode of the X-Men cartoon dropped last week and I’m still reeling, and this is the penultimate chapter of the end of what I consider the best era of the X-Men…and one of my favorite characters is fighting for his life on the cover…

So yeah…apologies to Nathan Fox, but I’m going with Fall of the House of X issue 4, and you all know you’d do it too!

If Doug Had $5

Writer Zac Thompson has been an interesting creator to follow for a bit. All of his work has made me question how to express stories. I am not as familiar with artist Nicola Izzo, but the preview art looks fantastic. I hope this first issue of Blow Away hooks me like Zac's previous works.

What If Matt Had $15

Okay, now we’re talking! First off I’m grabbing The Weather Man by Jody LeHeup and Nathan Fox and stacking it on top of that X-Men #4. This book has one of the best premises I’ve ever heard in a Scifi, with interesting and dynamic characters that work well with one another. Also, the art is absolutely fantastic! I’ve been a fan of Nathan’s for a long while, and this book blows anything he’s done before out of the water. This is issue 4 of the third volume, so if you’re unfamiliar, then get to know it and pick up those books. Trust me. Just do it. If you’re reading this and still haven’t stopped to go and buy the first two volumes, then you’ve messed up big time and should definitely stop reading now. 

The next book I’m picking up is Nightwing #113 because this one is a party! Not only that but my good friend Michael Conrad has a backup in here and if you’ve never read his work, you’re missing out.  This is a big issue for a gigantic run that’s won Eisners and is definitely considered the character defining run for a character that’s been around longer than McDonalds. It’s issue 300, and I’m sure this is going to end up being money well spent.

What If Doug Had $15

Issue 1 of Kid Cudi's Moon Man was certainly a surprise. I liked the way the character looked and that was enough to try out the book the first go around. What I found while reading was a very interesting plot that falls into the mystery category. I hope issue 1's hook continues strong in this second issue.

What If Matt Had $30

Okay, I’m rich! I’m coming straight for you James Tynion! House of Slaughter Vol 4 is mine! I love the slaughter-verse, and the House of Slaughter books are a lot of fun, with each one exploring a different corner of said universe, along with a new showcased artist. This one features the work of Werther Dell’Edera drawing an adventure of a white mask named Bait, a boy who’s mute and missing both arms and on the run during a monster attack. 

Okay, that’s it for me. I’m going to go read some comics now! 

What If I had $30

If you are not following Lysandra Vuong, fix that. Covenant has been an exciting follow for a while and I am glad to see it being collected like this. Please get this book!

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