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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Cartoonist: Rob Barnes Publisher: Fair Spark Books

Gallant & Amos, issue 1, cover, Fair Spark Books, Barnes


A humorous, light-hearted adventure tale of two friends, a knight and a dragon, stumbling into adventures and traveling the world.

It feels like one of the funnies from the newspaper's Cartoons section, with a Looney Toons influence mixed with the Munchkin board game.


(Minor Spoilers)

Originally started as a webcomic, Gallant And Amos follows two friends as they make their way through a fantasy realm.

After being beset by villainous snowmen, the longer story arc starts in issue #2, as Gallant & Amos are recruited for a quest to find a book of power and battle an ancient evil.

You know that saying where it's more about the journey than the destination? That's this comic. The quest is more a delivery mechanism for wink-and-a-nod references, dad jokes and chuckle-filled, family-friendly humor.


  • Gallant plays the serious one while Amos, the dragon, is always hungry and always has a "dad joke" to share -- which really works!

  • The humor feels like Sunday funnies mixed with some Mel Brooks or older era jokes -- if that sounds like your type of humor, this is the perfect comic for you

  • Low stakes and straightforward plot make this the perfect comic to sit back and enjoy

  • Rob Barnes deserves a round of applause for writing, lettering, illustrating and coloring the entire comic

  • He also lives in the same town as some of my family!

  • They're my in-laws, so don't go searching for yetis in Farmington, MO

  • Accessible comic for all ages

  • Fun references in art or dialogue to fast food, Donkey Kong, and all sorts of other pop culture things

  • Map in the back of the comics is nice backmatter and helps give some context to their travels


  • While the type of humor is friendly for all ages, some specific jokes may be over the head of folks who may not get the specific reference

  • That being said, there are plenty of jokes to go around, so missing one or two isn't a huge loss

  • If you're bothered by Barnes signing every page at first, Gallant and Amos originally started as a webcomic with each page published separately, which helps give some context for this

  • This also explains why the characters often reiterate previous events in the first panels of some pages early on

  • Some typos throughout (not many, but might take some readers out of the moment)

Gallant & Amos, issue 3, air Spark Books, Barnes


A fun and humorous fantasy comic for the whole family, where one can just sit back and enjoy some hijinks.


If you like the writing:

  • Trekkin' by Rob Barnes

  • The Family Graves by Timothy Bach & Brian Atkins

  • Hägar the Horrible by Chris Browne

If you like the art:


Rob Barnes – Cartoonist

  • Multitalented: One of the rare creators who can write, illustrate, color & letter

  • Lives in the same town as a certain comic book yeti's in-laws!

  • Has been Creative Team Lead at his local newspaper for over 14 years


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