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Writer: Dillon Gilbertson Art: Francesco Iaquinta Publisher: Dillon Does Comics

Sweet Heart, Issue #1, cover, Self-published, Gilbertson/Iaquinta

This review covers the first 2 issues of a 5-issue limited run. Since we don't have the full picture yet, we can't quite go into detail about the entire story arc, so details may be more minimal or look different from reviews of entire volumes.


A horror story where monsters are commonplace and a county is just doing its best to survive them.

It's kind of like It Follows, if you could see the monster stalking the characters.


(Minor Spoilers)

There's a town where monsters lurk all around, constantly watching and waiting.

There are two types of monsters. The common ones are slow, and with the right preparations and changes to lifestyle, they can be avoided altogether. The monsters may even lose interest entirely. But the second kind are rarer and deadlier. They can still be held off with the right life choices, but they never leave. And once their victim dies, they often begin to stalk their closest family member.

The town knows this. The police help how they can, but they can't do enough to save people consistently. The schools' curriculums teach students how to live with these monsters, and how to avoid them.

This story follows a single family, haunted by a single monster. The kind who never gives up. The kind you can't shake.

And it's very, very hungry.


  • The super metal-style title logo on the cover

  • The monsters stalking their victims, waiting for them to slip up or slowly wearing away at them is a really effective and versatile analogy for many mental and physical illnesses, allowing readers of all kinds to identify with the story more intimately

  • Often, with horror, people want new, innovative ideas -- the concept of a town existing simply to survive a pack of monsters is fresh and terrifying in how real and natural it feels

  • Iaquinta's art with Pagnotta's moody colors makes for a very dark and sinister aesthetic that amps up the terror

  • Temofonte's sound effects are unique and blend fantastically with the art to bring scenes to life


  • At first, when I read the first issue, I didn't love how so much of the story was told through exposition rather than showing us over time. When I read the second issue, this goes away, and it makes more sense narratively.

  • The 1st issue reads almost as a cautionary tale, like a story passed onto others

  • The 2nd reads more like a traditional comic

  • Make sure you read at least the first 2 issues before you decide you want to read more!

  • Frightening monsters, gory violence and some light language

Sweet Heart, Issue #1, page 4, Self-published, Gilbertson/Iaquinta


When it comes to horror, especially in comics, my expectations are pretty low. It's hard to do something new and interesting with the genre, and it's even harder to be scary in a medium that can't rely on music or jump scares. But I really enjoyed these issues, and I'm 100% onboard for the ride. The world-building pulls you in, the monster logic is fascinating and fresh, and the story works on multiple levels.


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If you like the art:

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Dillon Gilbertson – Writer

  • Living with diabetes influenced the story for Sweet Heart

  • When he's not writing, he works as a Pulmonary/Sleep Researcher

  • He's currently working on a story for the Local Haunts Anthology, live on kickstarter until Nov. 28th, 2018

Francesco Iaquinta – Artist

  • Outlander: Hails from Italy

  • Loves listening to metal

  • Currently an artist at Alterna Comics

Marco Pagnotta – Colorist

  • Outlander: Also lives in Italy

  • Currently works with with Bookmaker Comics and Titanium Comics

Saida Temofonte – Letterer

  • Test of Time: A veteran letterer with over a thousand issues credited to her

  • Multitalented: Also works as a Graphic Designer & Production Artist


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