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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Writer: Timothy Bach Art: Brian Atkins Publisher: Source Point Press

The Family Graves, Issue #1, cover, Source Point Press, Bach/Atkins

Like a lot of the indie comics I review, this will only cover the first couple issues, and not the trade paperback length I typically review. Because of that, we don't get insight into the greater story arc, so details may be fewer and the story may be more difficult to judge.


A lighthearted action/adventure melting pot where science, fiction, family, mystery and classic monsters blend together surprisingly seamlessly and naturally.

It feels like The Incredibles recast with classic movie monsters and a heavier focus on science and magic/mysticism.


(Minor Spoilers)

Phil Graves is a werewolf. He and his wife and their three kids are kind of just your normal family. I mean, besides the fact that they're a Gorgon, or a zombie, or other classic monster types, the Graves family all seem pretty much like any other family you'd meet.

But when Phil finds a magical mirror that connects to other mirrors across multiple dimensions, the day-to-day of family life takes a backseat to studying the science behind these magical mirrors. Time is of the essence as they are forced to save reality (and each other) from a powerful vampire (un)dead-set on becoming even more powerful.


  • If you like classic monster types and tropes mixed with a bright color pallet and dropped into a sci-fi action/adventure story, this is the perfect book for you

  • In fact, it's the perfect book for your whole family; people of all ages can enjoy it (and not in a lame, this-was-written-for-kids sort of way)

  • The writing also feels confident and realized, which you don't always get in independent titles

  • Indie comics don't often have color, so it's really cool seeing this in full color

  • The story feels familiar, but it has a fun new spin on it that's appealing to comics veterans and those new to comics, alike

  • The characters and world feel like they have a ton of potential for growth and more storytelling in the future

  • The lettering is well done, bringing the sound effects to life through fun, textured visual effects

  • By the time the second issue ends, you're going to want to read more

  • Luckily, individual issues are under $2, so you get a lot of value for your money!


  • It doesn't seem like minorities are represented in this title (at least so far), and the family seems well off -- may not connect with all audiences

  • Don't go into this thinking it'll be scary: it has spooky concepts, but it may only be scary to very young kids

  • It's advertised as being about a dysfunctional family, but they actually seem very close, accepting and loving compared to a lot of modern media about messed-up families

The Family Graves, promotional image, Source Point Press, Bach/Atkins


This is a great title to read if you have kids and want something to read together as a family. People of any age can enjoy it and, genre-wise, it also has something for everyone.


If you like the writing:

  • The Family Graves, #3 by Timothy Bach & Brian Atkins

  • Fantastic Four, Ultimate Collection, Book 1 by Mark Waid & Mike Wieringo

  • Super Sons, Vol. 1 by Peter J. Tomasi & Jorge Jimenez

If you like the art:

  • Gargoyle by Moonlight by Timothy Bach & Brian Atkins

  • The Terrifics, Vol. 1 by Jeff Lemire, Evan "Doc" Shaner & Ivan Reis

  • Essential Man-Thing, Vol. 1 by Thomas, Conway, Wein, Gerber, Isabella, Ploog, Morrow & Buscema


Timothy Bach – Writer, Co-creator

  • Moniker: Also goes by "Tim Bach" and "TDR Bach" in some comics credits

  • New Face: While he doesn't have a long list of comics credits under his belt, I suspect we'll see more from him in the future

  • Started the publishing imprint, Moonrise Comics, based near your favorite yeti, in St. Louis, MO!

Brian Atkins – Penciller, Inker, Co-creator

  • Dream Team: Tim & Brian enjoyed working together on Gargoyle By Moonlight so much, they decided to create The Family Graves together

  • Based in St. Louis, too!

  • Multitalented: Also works as a graphic designer

Dijjo Lima – Colorist

Ander Zarate – Colorist

  • Sometimes takes coloring commissions on his Deviant Art page

  • Tends to work in bright, vibrant colors

Marco Della Verde – Letterer

  • Test of Time: Has worked in the industry for over 20 years

  • Multitalented: Is also the Production Manager of Hocus Pocus Comics


Click one of these:


The comic's writer has allowed me to share the first 10 pages of issue #1 with you. Please feel free to click through the below and check them out!

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All Source Point Press characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are trademarks of and copyright Source Point Press or their respective owners. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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