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Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Writer & Illustrator: Adam Hughes

Publisher: Archie Comics

Betty & Veronica, Vol. 1 (tpb), cover, Archie Comics, Hughes


Betty and Veronica chronicles the friendship of Riverdale’s best friends through their differences in opinions, boys, and life in general. The comics take a little departure from the hit show, “Riverdale”, and seems to give more of the traditional “dueling divas” take on Betty and Veronica instead of the ride-or-die besties they are on the show.


(Minor Spoilers)

Catastrophe has yet again struck Pop’s as a big city coffee company comes to Riverdale! It’s up to the crew to save their favourite hang out place, but it seems as if not everyone is on the same page. While Betty and part of the gang are working hard to raise money for Pop, Veronica switches sides and rallies for the new business. What happens when these two go from friend to frenemy and can the gang save Pop’s?!

The comic follows the typical Riverdale favourites, so if you watched the show or read the original comics, the characters and hijinks will be familiar. Even with no background in the Archie universe, these issues can be read through and you still feel a connection to the characters.


  • Betty and Veronica tells a wonderful cheeky story full jokes and I found myself laughing throughout the entire volume

  • The art is beautiful and the colours are amazing; I found that in several of the scenes the way things were drawn really gave movement to the story and situation

  • The whole story focuses mainly on Betty and Veronica, so the story isn’t diluted with loads of side characters to keep track of while reading

  • Overall the comic is very light-hearted and easy to read, making it a great option for teens and adults


  • I am not sure if this is related to being a more teen/younger age friendly comic, but the storyline does come off as a bit of a trope

  • Once I started reading the comic, I was able to get a very good indication of where the story was headed, so the ending wasn’t a surprise

Betty & Veronica, Vol. 1 (tpb), pages 8-9, Archie Comics, Hughes


If you love the Archie universe or want to dip your toes into this, this is a great start. Without having a bunch of side characters and mostly sticking to the main crew, it is easy to follow both in plot and who is who. It will make you laugh and the friendship will have you inviting your best buds over for a milkshake.


In the past few years the Archie universe has been undergoing a resurgence of different comics, so there are so many options on where to go next! My pick would be to take a darker route and instead of the milkshakes and letter jackets, head to the store and grab “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” – still the same universe but more of a horror story and perfect for Halloween!


Adam Hughes – Story & Art

  • Award Winner: In 2003 Hughes won the Eisner Award for “Best Cover Artist.” Then, in 2007 he was awarded with the Inkpot Award and the following year was named as an Inkwell Awards Ambassador.

  • Multitalented: For this comic Hughes did the art and the story, which he has done on several other comics

  • Prolific: Hughes has an impressive list of covers and comics he has worked on from Marvel to DC and everything in between

José Villarrubia – Colorist

  • Award Winner: In 2011 Villarrubia won the Harvey Award for best colorist on Cuba: My Revolution

  • Outlander: Villarrubia was born In Madrid

  • Prolific: Taking a look at the list of works under Villarrubia’s belt, he emerges as a titan of the industry – chances are, if you have read a handful of comics, you’ve come across either art or his writing

Jack “John” Morelli – Letterer

  • Test of Time: Jack has been in the comic business since the 80s where he started as a staff letterer at Marvel

  • Award Winner: In 2015 Morelli won the Harvey Award for Best Letterer from his work on Afterlife with Archie

  • Multitalented: Not only does Morelli have quite the list of comics he was done lettering for, but he has also worked as writer, editor, cover artist, and colorist


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***This review was written by special guest, Nika Howard! ***

About Nika: What do you get when you have a pinch of bishie sparkles, a dash of sass, and a whole lot of Dungeons and Dragons? The gremlin known as Nika Howard. You can find Nika on the Drunks and Dragons Podcast crew, Love to Hate Podcast, and as Editor for board and tabletop games on GeeklyInc. Come chat with her over on Twitter @Nika_Howard.

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