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Zdarsky's Public Domain Comes to Print

Chip Zdarsky's Substack comic series, Public Domain, is heading to print via Image Comics.

Like many comic creators, Chip Zdarsky launched a Substack last year to produce independent creator-owned comic books. Chip's first comic from this was called Public Domain, and is about Syd Dallas, a legendary comic book artist who created pop culture's greatest superhero: The Domain! Syd today is an older man with two adult sons who want their dad to take back control of the character he created.

But this will be very difficult because now, The Domain is owned by a multi-billion dollar corporation who doesn't want to give up their cash cow. Public Domain tackles the very real struggle between comic book creators and corporations like Warner Bros. and Disney in their struggle over royalties and credit for the work done under freelance deals. All this from the man currently writing both Daredevil and Batman.

It was recently announced that Public Domain will be coming to print at your local comic shops on June 29th, for issue #1. Not only that, but the publisher in question is none other than Image Comics.

“I’ve been itching to draw a new series for a while now, and Public Domain was the perfect subject matter for me to tackle,” said series creator Zdarsky in an exclusive on the announcement with Comic Book Resources. "Publishing the installments through my Substack has been an amazing experience, but everyone kept asking me, 'when will we get physical?' I greatly misunderstood the question and blocked a lot of people on Twitter. But now I understand and am thrilled that Image is going to be printing Public Domain!"

Here is a quick preview of the series both written and drawn by Chip Zdarsky. Preview pages provided by Image Comics.

by Chris Rundt @FortressChris


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