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Wrestling Meets the Undead in New Daniel Warren Johnson Image Series, DO A POWERBOMB

Daniel Warren Johnson returns to Image Comics with a new creator-owned series set in the world of professional wrestling.

That's right! Fan-favorite artist/writer Daniel Warren Johnson (Beta Ray Bill, Wonder Woman: Dead Earth) is coming back to Image Comics with his new series, Do A Powerbomb. This series will follow Lona Steelrose, the daughter of an industry legend, who wants nothing more than to follow in her mother's footsteps. But that shadow is long and dark until Lona meets a necromancer who wants her to join the most dangerous pro-wrestling tournament of all time!

"Ever since I started writing and drawing comics, I've wanted to make stories that get me EXCITED. I mean, like, REALLY PUMPED UP," said Johnson in an exclusive on the series announcement at IGN. "And it's no different here with Do A Powerbomb, where I've tried to channel my passion and love for pro-wrestling into a 2D space, to try and share it with my readers as best I can, and maybe get them excited about it too. And honestly, what's a better way to make something new than to combine two things I love so much? I hope you all join me on this ride. I'm so proud of it!"

Do A Powerbomb will be available both physically and digitally on June 15th. All preview pages provided by Image Comics.


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