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Wipe Your Memory in New Dark Horse OGN, WIPER

Dark Horse Comics will publish new Blade Runner-inspired original graphic novel, Wiper, this fall.

In Wiper, Lula Nomi, a private detective, promises all her clients complete and utter discretion. To ensure that she keeps her promise, Lula wipes her memories after every case, but when she's hired by a robot named Klute, some things don't add up. The further she digs into the investigation of missing journalist Orson Glark, the more things start to feel familiar to her.

Too familiar.

Wiper is currently available to preorder on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, as well as your local comic shop. This OGN is written by John Harris Dunning (Tumult) with art by Ricardo Cabral (Creepy), colors by Brad Simpson (Sex, Bloodborne), and lettering by Jim Campbell (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). You can look forward to Wiper on September 27th of this year.


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