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Hello, internet! It's been a long week, heading into a longer weekend for your friendly neighborhood webcomic critic, so this list will be a bit different than normal! This compressed list of happenings in the webcomics world will hopefully help you find something fun to read this holiday weekend.

1. Killer Crush by eresemo (@eresemo_99) on Lezhin (@LezhinComics_US)

Killer Crush was a surprise hit that released earlier this year on Lezhin. A ridiculously fun and surprisingly heartwarming webtoon* title featuring a hardened assassin who finds himself head over heels for a peppy romance actor, Killer Crush quickly built a dedicated and large fanbase of English readers since it debuted earlier in the year.

Season one wrapped last Sunday with an immensely funny finale that set the stage for an action-packed season 2 that will return soon after a well-deserved hiatus. You can read my review of the series here and head on over to Lezhin where all twenty-nine episodes of season one are available for you to read. Eps. 1-4 are free to read and eps. 5-10 are discounted down, so this long weekend is perfect for diving into this series if you've been missing out.

2. Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe (@used_bandaid) on WEBTOON (@webtoonofficial)

A series that hardly needs introduction, Lore Olympus returned with season three over the weekend (alongside three more eps. for those who are interested in the Fast Pass option). Ep. 207 saw the return of the more humorous and charming vibe that had been missing for a large chunk of the previous eps, harkening back to the flirty and fun tones that made so many fall in love with the iconic webcomic after Persephone's heavy and climactic rise to royalty.

This touching installment saw reunions, happy moments, and quick-paced humor, starting off this next season of Lore Olympus in a powerful and memorable way. This weekend is the perfect time to get caught up on this award-winning title if you've fallen behind, and the upcoming ep. (which I did Fast Pass out of curiosity) that will drop tomorrow is an immensely satisfying one for long-time fans, so you won't want to miss it.

3. Lies Within - Night Hunt by Lacey (@byelacey) on Lies Within

This is the second time Lies Within has been featured on the Top Webcomics list in August and this time we're taking a look at the newly dropped Night Hunt, an AU (alternate universe) side comic that features the same cast of characters from the main story in a monster hunting fantasy setting.

While the main series is on an extended hiatus, this 16-page side story will update several times a week throughout the month of September. This week saw the first two pages and cover art drop, setting the stage for a fun story featuring everyone's favorite bum Lys as a monster hunter recruited by the local church to go deal with a vampire problem on the edge of town. This fun extension of the series is shaping up to be an enjoyable mini-comic.

4. Re-Possessed by Trevor Mueller (@trevoramueller) and Yishan Li (@superliyishan) on WEBTOON

This new WEBTOON Original series literally has a rabid toilet with teeth in the pilot ep. Need I say more? An urban fantasy that's part Buffy the Vampire Slayer and part Chuck, the series follows a directionless college student named Troy who finds himself cut off from his funds by his enraged father. After gaining employment at the creepy pawn shop his friend Mari works at, strange things begin to happen that pull him into a world filled with demonic oddities and office drama.

Re-Possessed dropped its 4th episode earlier in the week which saw our reluctant hero Troy and his friend Mari coming face to face with a possessed armchair that has decided to destroy its new owner's home. This clever and funny new series has three more eps. available on Fast Pass so this is a great time to dive in if you're looking for a new read.

5. River St. by Miss Lucid (@llllucid) on River St.

Another addicting series by Miss Lucid that features an absolute idiot and his grumpy companion, River St. tells the story of Drake, the newly appointed reaper of New Orleans' River Street. The River is a place where lost souls wander and its newest reaper is a bit reluctant to take on the position. The screams of the dead give him major migraines and having the touch of death means dating is no longer an option. Luckily for him, his new escort is a vampire named Remo who is immune to the whole dying thing and just so happens to be Drake's ideal type.

Page 47 of this series dropped last Saturday and saw Drake attempt to explain to a terrified soul that she is dead and he is, most definitely, not an angel. Showcasing the classic humor and well-paced character development we've come to expect from Lucid's storytelling, River St. is shaping up to be a fun and unique urban fantasy series for 18+ readers. You can, of course, jump on Lucid's Patreon for more episodes if you find yourself addicted and need more.

*webtoon is the term used for scrolling digital comics from South Korea, not to be confused with WEBTOON, the app.


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