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Updated: Jul 21, 2022

The world of webcomics delivered a diverse and captivating lineup this week. Delve into gothic horror, the world of phobias, a starry lunar dimension, and more!

1. The Moon and Me by Elena and Olivia Ceballos (@ELIOLIart) on WEBTOON and Tapas

You have to go read this. It's just that good. Twins Elena and Olivia Ceballos have created something truly grand, magical, and downright stunning with The Moon and Me. With all of the wonder of a Studio Ghibli film and some of the most impressive illustrations I have seen this year, this webcomic is cinematic in a way that is almost breathtaking. I can't (truly) put into words how unique and captivating this series is.

When young Maureen finds herself lost amongst fields of stars with the unusual job of setting the night sky in place each night, she comes to discover that the moon people are not as kind as they initially appear and something darker is lurking beyond the veil. A trickster named Waxing stirs up trouble at every turn and the expanse she must travel is daunting, but Maureen refuses to lose hope and continues her journey through the lunar dimension with a renewed sense of purpose and identity.

Ep. 19 was released last week where we find Maureen as she hears a familiar tune from somewhere across the star kissed ocean. Playing out like a silent film of days long gone, with a poetic inner narrative and Oscar-winning animation levels of design, The Moon and Me deserves this upcoming long weekend read to really appreciate the unique story it offers. Uploaded on a bi-weekly basis on Tuesdays, this is the perfect time to sit down and start this series before the next update.

2. DRAC: Son of Dante by Saladin Ahmed (@saladinahmed), Shaka King, and Travon Free (@Travon) on Tapas

DRAC: Son of Dante is the first collaborative webcomic between Tapas and Endeavor Content, created by Oscar-Emmy-Eisner winning trio Saladin Ahmed, Shaka King, and Travon Free. The fifteen episode series is touted as a multi-immersive webcomic experience, featuring a killer soundtrack and cinematic storytelling style.

This spin on classic, gothic lore follows the story of Dante, a flute-playing immortal who finds himself drawn into the world of humans and their music against the better judgement of others in his species. It's only when his monstrous son, Drac, takes a human bride that all hell really breaks loose. This reimagining aims to modernize the iconic villain in a way that will resonate with multicultural and YA audiences.

Ep.3 dropped on Friday and we catch back up with worried mother Van as she desperately tries to find a way to get back her missing daughter, Mina. Meanwhile, Mina comes to her senses only to find out she's been kidnapped and the men who took her are no longer human. With the arrival off their master, we get our first look at the titular Drac (it's an incredibly wicked moment) and the stakes are raised high as his attempts to lure in his father put Mina's safety on the line. Set to the incredible track City Theme, this lengthy update really set the stage for a climactic story.

3. Project Parasomnia by Cas Lofthus (@cyaboron) on Tapas and Parasomnia Comic

This delightfully colorful and immensely eerie webcomic by Cas Lofthus was a fun title to stumble onto this week in the New from the Community tab on Tapas! What can only be described as a Psychonauts-style series in a style similar to the iconic Hazbin Hotel, this stunning series' pilot chapter harkens back to a certain nostalgia that fans of early 2000s Cartoon Network shows will love.

When the Lakeside Orphanage is repurposed into a hospital and asylum specializing in the care of extreme phobias, Kali, Edgar, Mara, and Syren find themselves assigned to a specialized group known as the “Nightmare Kids”. Their goal is to dive into the nightmares of the patients to battle the phobias at the source, all while fighting their own demons in the process.

Ep.11 dropped on Wednesday and showcased a few details that helped establish Mara and Syren's characters a bit more in this introductory chapter, as well as dropping some hints about how the other children see the Nightmare Kids. The series is still in its initial stages but is well worth the read for anyone who likes their webcomics both cute and creepy.

4. My Boyfriend Is The Boogeyman?! by Kenzie Sharp (@KenzieWhimsyArt) on Tapas and WEBTOON

The adorable, pink hued boys' love webcomic series from Kenzie Sharp had its only June update this past Wednesday. The story of a cheerful young man named Nolan and his unexpected reunion with his childhood friend, Adrian, features office romance and supernatural shenanigans.

MBITBM?! sees Nolan nabbing a job as a secretary for the CEO of a mysterious organization known as Shadow & Co. He never would have guessed that his new employer is his long-lost childhood friend, Adrian, who just so happens to be a boogeyman. As the two rekindle their friendship, romance begins to appear, as well as dark powers that threaten to tear them apart.

In this update to ch.14, Nolan finds himself zoning out hardcore as his mind continues to wander to the events from the night before (which, if you haven't read the series yet and caught up with said events, I highly suggest doing so, it's spicy). The chapter is short but does set the stage for a new scene and several opportunities for character development at the relationship between Adrian and Nolan continues to shift. Advance pages are available on Kenzie's Patreon for those who crave more!

5. Murderous Lewellyn's Candlelit Dinner by OL and MUK_BU on Lezhin

One of the most intriguing and poetic slow-burn BL webtoons* on the platform, Murderous Lewellyn's Candlelit Dinner saw its final episode release on Thursday with ep.90 (though the "to be continued" note does mean we'll probably get some side stories). Based on the novel by Sumnagi, this lengthy series is reminiscent of Sherlock and Poirot style mysteries and brought readers along for an agonizing and touching rollercoaster of action, drama, romance, and mystery.

Shavonne is a literal starving artist living in poverty with big dreams of becoming a best selling author. When an onion obsessed, golden eyed stranger moves in next door, Shavonne's mundane life suddenly becomes quite unusual. His new neighbor may just be a serial killer and the handsome Lewellyn seems to have set his sights on Shavonne. Is his interest one steeped purely in romance, or will Shavonne end up the next victim of this cheerful, dinner party loving murderer?

After two seasons and 90 episodes rife with brutal revelations, well crafted plot twists, and an honest narrative of dealing with dreams, emotions, and failure, Murderous Lewellyn's Candlelit Dinner wraps things up with a lengthy chapter and a sunny happy ending. An honest and refreshing conclusion that acknowledges the tribulations Lewellyn and Shavonne experience over the years covered in the series, fans will be more than pleased with how the story concludes. This is also a great time to start the series since Lezhin has the first three eps. for free and eps. 4-10 are discounted down to one coin. If you enjoy murder mysteries, romance, and literature focused stories, this is definitely a series to get into!

*webtoon is the term used for scrolling digital comics from South Korea, not to be confused with WEBTOON, the app.


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