Writer: Carlos Giffoni

Illustrator: Juan Doe

Publisher: Dark Horse

Strayed, Issue 4, cover, Dark Horse, Giffoni/Doe
Strayed, Issue 4, cover, Dark Horse, Giffoni/Doe


A space opera centered on the relationship between a captive woman and her astral-projecting cat and the colonizing empire using them to expand their interests.

Think Battlestar Galactica meets Secretariat (or any other movie about a human/pet bond).


Humans are ransacking planets for their resources, killing any who stand in their way. Of particular interest are "flowers," extraordinary creations that can help humans live forever. But with the flowers comes the mystery of who made them, how many of them there are, and more.

The humans find these planets by using an astrally projecting cat, Lou, and his owner, Kiara, both of whom are being held captive. Lou is sick, and astrally projecting himself into space to try and find the aliens who make these flowers is likely killing him. But the only way their captors will let them go home is by doing what they ask.

They don't know the harm that's befallen the civilizations Lou has found, nor do they know the damage Lou's work is doing to his body. But even if Lou and Kiara knew...what choice do they have? Would their captors even allow them to stop their work?