Writer: Cullen Bunn

Illustrator: Juan Doe

Publisher: AfterShock

Dark Ark, Vol. 1 (tpb), cover, AfterShock, Bunn/Doe
Dark Ark, Vol. 1 (tpb), cover, AfterShock, Bunn/Doe


You know the story of Noah's Ark? Probably, right? Well, there was a second ark and, on it, were all the demons and monsters of the old world.

This is their story.


(Minor Spoilers)

If you haven't heard the story of Noah's Ark, it stems from the Judeo-Christian belief that the world was so evil that God chose to flood it with 40 days and 40 nights of rain, killing everything on the Earth except for Noah, his family, and two of each animal on Earth. Artists still are not sure how the lions survived. Noah, his family, and the animals rode out the storms in a massive boat he built, called an "ark."

Cullen Bunn & Juan Doe bring us the story of a second ark, not mentioned in any tome before now. This ark is filled with demons and monsters and other mythical creatures. The sorcerer, Shrae, is ship's captain, and he watches over his family and the creatures in the cargo hold below. Oh, also some people they kept as prisoners/food for the monsters on their journey.