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Writers: Dylan Klein and Lane Brettschneider

Art & Lettering: Jordan Chao

Publisher: Self-published

Starside, issue #1, cover, self-published, Klein/Brettschneider/Chao


This science-fantasy, first-contact story is about a teenager who is among the captured when extraterrestrials invade Earth.

The familiar but unpredictable story about a teen being cast headlong into the unknown rings of Stranger Things, Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet, and hero’s journey classics like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and Spider-Man.


(Minor Spoilers)

The story opens with Jack, a teenage boy with anxiety, poor grades, and a good heart, wielding a sword and running around a bizarre, alien landscape. Then we flash back and see how he got there: on a day like any other, the sun is eclipsed by unearthly warships that deploy fleets of armed soldiers who mostly kill but also capture people, including Jack.

But that’s just the beginning...

Starside is an epic adventure story that delves into themes of friendship, family, loss, and survival. In future issues, we can expect Jack to fight for his life and, presumably, take on the aliens who destroyed life as he knew it.


  • Chao uses line work to great effect, setting the mood and helping to tell the reader how to feel; for instance, frames crowded with fine details often complement scenes of chaotic action or depictions of uninviting terrain whereas calmer scenes tend to have greater expanses of color.

  • The moderately abstract style leaves room for the reader to fill in details with their imagination, which allows them some freedom to create a relatable world

  • Subdued coloring creates an ominous atmosphere and makes the few bright colors, like the red from the alien weapons, explode on the page

  • Colors are also used to show the reader what matters, e.g., by graying out background crowds, and when a major shift in environments has happened

  • Chao’s style is angular in general, but especially so for the alien ships and world, signaling that they are inhospitable and “other”

  • The paneling creates an immersive experience by mirroring what’s happening in the story; for instance, when things are normal, the frames are simple rectangles. However, action scenes have frames that slash across pages or that use irregular but symmetrical frames to show concurrent events

  • Chao’s lettering, which looks hand-drawn, complements his art, using text bubbles to guide the eye across the page and seamlessly blending sound effects with their attendant images

  • Characters achieve depth quickly, sometimes only taking a frame or two to come to life, which helps the reader identify with them and care about what happens to them

  • Overall, the creators use the medium deftly, especially in how it depicts concurrent events and uses visual cues to tell the story. Klein, Brettschneider, and Chao have created such a quality comic that it’s hard to believe they’ve never created a comic together. In fact, this is the very first comic for all of them

  • Appropriate for teens and older

  • Has been awarded both Comic of the Week (5/27/19) and Fantasy Comic of the Year (2018) by ComixCentral

Starside, issue #1, page 2, self-published, Klein/Brettschneider/Chao


  • Some of the pages have intentionally jarring structures that can be hard to follow and require some work from the reader. Using a narrator could have alleviated potential confusion. Of course, having a narrator would significantly change the comic's dynamic. Also, everything required to piece the story together is on the page

  • Mild content warning for death and violence

  • Physical copies of these issues won't be at your LCS; however, they are available


This phenomenal, award winning series makes the most of the medium to tell its story and absorb the reader. Klein and Brettschneider’s engrossing tale will leave you thirsty for more.

Get lost in a dangerous world with powerful surprises and a unique aesthetic that will get stuck in your brain like a thorn.


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Dylan Klein — Writer

  • New Face: This is Klein’s first comic

  • Multitalented: Klein is a hospital transporter

Lane Brettschneider — Co-Writer

  • New Face: This is Brettschneider’s first comic

  • Multitalented: Brettschneider works a desk job

Jordan Chao — Art

  • New Face: This is Chao’s first comic

  • Multitalented: Chao works at a restaurant


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All Dylan Klein, Lane Brettschneider, & Jordan Chao’s characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are trademarks of and copyright Dylan Klein, Lane Brettschneider, & Jordan Chao’s or their respective owners. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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