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As a Vault, DB Andry and Skylar Patridge stan, I am thrilled to be hosting a spot on the RESONANT: THE COMPLETE SERIES by David “DB” Andry, Ale Aragon, & Skylar Patridge Blog Tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours. Check out my post and make sure to enter the giveaway!

About The Book:


Authors: David “DB” Andry, Ale Aragon (Illustrator), & Skylar Patridge (Illustrator)

Pub. Date: April 2, 2024

Publisher: Vault Comics

Formats:  Paperback, eBook

Pages: 264


In a terrifying dystopian world, true horror arises and chaos rules when humankind's moral defenses fall and our worst impulses run wild. RESONANT is a post-apocalyptic horror story where Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD meets THE ODYSSEY, by way of THE WALKING DEAD - for fans and readers of Bird Box, Y: The Last Man, A Quiet Place, Road Warrior, and The Walking Dead.

NOW IN SERIES DEVELOPMENT FOR BET+ with Gerard McMurray as executive producer, director, and writer. Adapted for television by CBS Studios, Ridley Scott’s Scott Free Productions, and Gerard McMurray.


A decade has passed since the first Waves hit, unleashing humanity’s darkest impulses and plunging the world into chaos. Paxton, a single father of three, must venture from the secluded haven they’ve built to restock the medicine his chronically-ill youngest son needs to survive. When the somewhat routine trip goes awry, Paxton and his children—now separated—will battle everything in their path to reunite.
Can you resist the Call of the Void?

Collects the entire ten-issue series in a deluxe trade paperback omnibus with a foreword by Gerard McMurray (Director - The First Purge, Director, Executive Producer, and Writer - Burning Sands)

For fans of The Walking Dead, The RoadBird Box, A Quiet Place, Y:The Last Man, and Road Warrior.

"What stands out in RESONANT is how the real horror comes not from the waves, but the other people...The scary moments are amplified by the great character development."- Horror DNA

Top 25 Best Comics of 2021 -- Comics Bookcase

“…an odyssey even more terrifying than Bird Box.” -- The Beat

“…a firestorm of raw emotion, anxiety, and fear that any horror buff is going to appreciate.” – AIPT

“Pick this one up if you like apocalyptic stories and comics that speak to something dark and creepy in all the worst ways, even in the light.” – Black Nerd Problems




COMIC BOOK YETI: What movies/television/books/video games inspired RESONANT?


DAVID ANDRY: I’ve always been a big fan of post-apocalyptic stories like The Walking Dead and Book of Eli. Strangely enough, there probably is a big part of Goonies in there, I tend to like when kids are allowed to be kids and heroes at the same time. A little dash of Mad Max, some Y the Last Man, and a bit of Swiss Family Robinson (probably more than a bit!).

CBY: And now – how excited are you for the BET adaptation?


DA: Oh, geez. How excited can a person be before they explode? It’s still pretty surreal that it’s happening but I think Resonant is in good hands with Gerard McMurray. I can’t wait to see what he does with the material.


CBY: What inspired RESONANT from real life: science, state of the world, etc.?


DA: I was standing on a third floor balcony area of my college and leaning over the railing and looking down. I wondered, what would happen if I jumped. I stepped back, a little shaken. I didn’t want to jump, but I was worried that I might if I stayed where I was. I’d have similar thoughts driving over a bridge, just thinking about turning the wheel and letting my car fly off the edge. This was pre-Google times, so I just thought I was weird. But later, I discovered that this is a common thing that was referred to as “The Call of the Void”. So if everyone had these thoughts, what would happen if everyone had these thoughts at the same time and couldn’t resist them? The world of Resonant was born.



CBY: Please tell our lovely readers about the significance of the cicadas in Resonant.


DA: Cicadas are LOUD! And if you’ve spent time in the South, omnipresent. The sound, the constant buzzing, you’re just constantly aware of their presence. I thought it would be cool if the whole world went silent before a Wave hit in Resonant. But silence doesn’t work well in a medium without sound, so we took that constant sound and used it like an alarm bell before a Wave hits.


CBY: Do you think everyone has those dark impulses that would surface if a switch of some sort was flipped?


DA: Maybe not “dark,” but definitely weird. Probably a lot of self harm. Our subconscious can be a wild place.


CBY: The heart of Resonant is about family. Can you talk a bit about the Paxton family?


DA: Paxton’s family was actually inspired by someone I knew before I started writing the story. He was a single, Black, father with a young daughter. I saw his commitment to her, how he would do anything for her and how she thrived under his care. She was strong, independent, and unafraid of the world for someone so young. I hadn’t seen many characters like this in media, so I put them in the book!


CBY: List your favorite graphic novels or comics from when you were a child and talk about how you see them as an adult.


DA:Well, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was my gateway into comics. It’s wild that they just keep getting more popular. I was a big fan of Spider-Man, and the Justice League International books by Giffen and Maguire. And I still love all of them!



CBY: Talk about your favorite (and least favorite) type of character to create/write.


DA:Bad guys! I mean, I think everyone loves writing the villain. They get to say all the things you could never say yourself. The villain usually has some level of freedom, they are outside of the law or the norms of society so they can do things a ‘normal’ person can’t. Honcho was definitely fun to write in Resonant.



CBY: Does RESONANT have a playlist? If so, can you share it?


DA: I don’t do playlists, I have a Pandora channel that I started in 2009 that I still listen to. It’s become a mish-mash of all kinds of different artists, has changed a lot as I have gone through different things in my life, but if you’re brave, you can give it a listen.


About David "DB" Andry:

David "DB" Andry is a physical therapist and comic book writer from Sacramento, CA. His works include RESONANT and END AFTER END from Vault Comics and the self-published graphic novel, THE WILD UNCERTAIN. Follow him on Twitter @dbandry for updates and excessive amount of chicken pictures


About Ale Aragon:

Alejandro is the co-creator of DEATH ORB, a sci-fi cyberpunk story, written by RYAN FERRIER and originally published by DARK HORSE in 2018. The same title is going to be translated to Spanish and published through MULTIVERSAL EDICIONES in Argentina along 2021.

Alejandro has been working around the industry over almost a decade, with credits at DARK HORSE COMICS (Death Orb, Eve: True Stories), BOOM! STUDIOS (28 Days Later, Robocop, The Expanse), IDW (Sons of Chaos), VAULT COMICS (Resonant), IMAGE COMICS (Overlook) and lots of other cool projects.

He lives in Rosario, Argentina.


About Skylar Patridge:

Skylar Patridge: Comic artist, illustrator, and sometimes writer. Currently working on RESONANT from Vault Comics. Has done work for Image, Dark Horse (REVERSAL), Vault, Black Mask & Scout (VOLUME) as well as a variety illustrations and pinups for comics, anthologies & books.

Home location: New Mexico



Giveaway Details

2 winners will receive finished copies of RESONANT: THE COMPLETE SERIES, US Only.

Ends April 23rd, midnight EST.



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