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Radical Indie Comics Publisher Silver Sprocket Announces Fall 2023 Lineup

Silver Sprocket, the radical San Francisco-based indie comics publisher, will publish five original books in the Fall of 2023. Pre-orders are open NOW!

Announced titles include: Matchmaker by Cam Marshall, Of Thunder & Lightning by Kimberly Wang, and Cook Like Your Ancestors by Mariah-Rose Marie.

Silver Sprocket’s titles this season will continue to reflect its output of quality comics, exploring a range of themes and subjects, such as queer identity, finding hope in adversity, and connecting with your heritage!

Get in touch for review copies, PDFs, or interview requests:

Below are the individual announcements for each title:

To fight is to live, to fight is to die, to fight is to become something unknown.

In a world where pop media meets military power, two idol supersoldiers are locked in a world-ending conflict on behalf of their corporate nations. Battles blast across a dying land, both sides convinced of their own righteousness. Ragnarok looms on the horizon. Yet Magni and Dimo—young icons created for the sole purpose of eliminating the other—find their closest reflection in their opposite. Now, completing their mission means destroying the one who understands them most.

80 two-tone pages; 6” x 9”; ISBN: 979-8-88620-028-7; SRP: $13.99; Release date: 08/16/23

Best friends Mason and Kimmy live through their early twenties in the early ‘20s, navigating a global pandemic and terrifying job market alongside making friends, dating, and playing way too many video games. But when shy and nervous Mason can’t find a boyfriend, it’s up to Kimmy to play matchmaker!

A stubbornly hopeful and funny comic about the bonds between queer and trans friends, the families we make, and the happiness we find in each other.

280 B&W pages; 6” x 6”; ISBN: 979-8-88620-029-4; SRP: $22.99; Release date: 09/13/23

Jules is a trans man trapped in his life as a nun. The devil that the convent guards against offers him a deal to escape: an illicit tryst and lifelong possession. Jules takes the deal and begins his new life as a criminal who’s impervious to harm.

He soon meets Casper, another trans man, and a poetic thief, and together they steal, lie, and cheat their way through bewildering adventures and develop feelings for each other along the way. But as Jules and Casper’s relationship deepens, so does the devil’s jealous grasp…

312 full-color pages; 5.5” x 7.5”; ISBN: 979-8-88620-032-4; SRP: $29.99; Release date: 10/18/23

A fully illustrated guide to intuitive cooking! This art and comic-filled cookbook includes a primer on tools, ingredients, and using your own five senses to make delicious food, as well as twenty vegetarian recipes from worldwide cuisines.

Inside this approachable, illustrated cookbook is an introduction to intuitive food preparation! Intuitive cooking reflects how humans have cooked food for ages: tasting, watching, smelling, listening, feeling, and remembering. Follow along with home cook Mariah-Rose Marie to learn how to measure with your hands, season with your senses, balance flavors on the fly, remember ratios, and more—all with minimal equipment. You can practice your new knowledge with the twenty delicious vegetarian recipes found inside, including snacks, main dishes, drinks, and desserts! The recipes range from traditional to transformed, reflecting how foods—like people —migrate, mix, adapt, and are remembered.

96 full-color pages; 10” x 10”; ISBN: 979-8-88620-030-0; SRP: $24.99; Release date: 10/18/23

Leftstar can’t seem to access the world they’ve been building. They also haven’t slept in a long time. These things are almost certainly unrelated, and they should really go get the mail, anyway. But their trip to the post office is interrupted by a curious visitor: an enormous fruit bat.

Whisked away in the bat’s claws, Leftstar is taken on an adventure to unblock the path to their deserted creation. Between bites of pie and words of wisdom, can Leftstar remember the most crucial part of invention?

80 limited-color pages; 6” x 8”; ISBN: 979-8-88620-031-7; SRP: $15.99; Release date: 11/15/23

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