Writer: Paul Carroll Art: Rebecca Reynolds, Colm Griffin, & Steve Mardo Publisher: Limit Break Comics

Plexus, one-shot, cover, Limit Break Comics, Carroll/Reynolds/Griffin/Mardo
Plexus, one-shot, cover, Limit Break Comics, Carroll/Reynolds/Griffin/Mardo


Plexus is a pulp sci-fi inspired anthology by the Limit Break (LB!) comics collective.

The three stories in this 23-page volume share a theme of shared human connection in extraordinary circumstances and appear to draw inspiration from a wide range of sources, including YA fiction, atomic age tales, and stories of transhumanism.

It's a little like Love, Death & Robots or Electric Dreams in the way it bridges science fiction with interpersonal connectedness.


(Minor Spoilers)

The Plexus anthology consists of three short tales, all written by Paul Carroll with artistic contributions from other members of the Limit Break team.

Glitch presents the fallout of a drunken fight between two best friends, Shane (a teleporter), and Emma (a telekinetic) the previous night.

Shelter is the story of a father and daughter waiting out a nuclear apocalypse in the eponymous safe haven, where the shelter’s spokespeople are hiding a much darker secret about the outside world that could spell their imminent demise.