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Cartoonist: Nick Cagnetti

Publisher: It’s Alive!

Pink Lemonade, issue #2, cover, It's Alive, Cagnetti
Pink Lemonade, issue #2, cover, It's Alive, Cagnetti


From the brilliant mind of Nick Cagnetti comes this satirical love letter to Golden-Age and Silver-Age comics, infused with real-world pessimism and an optimistic heroine.

Think Evel Knievel meets Wolverine's amnesiac past mixed with that hardy Marvel Bullpen writing.


(Minor Spoilers)

Pink Lemonade wakes up on a park bench with almost no memories of who she is or how she got there. We meet Pink as she wakes from a dream of her finally beating the cartoonishly evil Barzibelly Jr., only to encounter an ominous figure who tells Pink that they will always be there to ruin her adventures.

Pink – and the reader – are left to wonder what this all means (and if any of it is real), but not before enjoying the company of a friendly family and getting into some classic slice-of-life comic book hijinks on the way!


  • First thing’s first, the art is incredible. The way Cagnetti utilizes his panels and lays out each page differently gives this comic an exciting feeling every time you turn the page.

  • Another note on how the pages are set up, I love how Cagnetti was able to use negative space behind panels to create a background that sets up another page. Little details like this make it rewarding for the reader.

  • I also appreciate how meta this comic can be at times. Leaning into the love for comic books and parodying different ages of the industry is really welcoming and any reader of classic hero comics will enjoy the little nods to history.

  • The lettering is very well done throughout both issues and is able to add those extra layers of depth to the reading experience when you can read a police siren blaring or a motorcycle revving its engine. It captures the whole scene and having those background noises you know would be there makes it all the better.

  • The intrigue into who is Pink Lemonade and how she got here is something that will make the reader want to stick around for the long haul. This is an interesting take on an origin story as the character takes on a cult following while just living her best life, despite knowing nothing of who she is or where she came from.

  • I personally do not enjoy Golden/Silver Age writing, but the art is top-notch. Nothing beats a Jack Kirby Fantastic Four, a Gene Colan Daredevil, or a Steve Ditko Spider-Man and Pink Lemonade is a perfect throwback to the art from back then.

  • Each issue has some retro-ads promoting whatever merchandise kids begged their parents to buy them. I appreciated that touch.

  • The colors are out of this world. Seriously, they are something else. Each page is so vibrant that you just want to read more and more.

  • I am a sucker for screen tones and I find that they can make some art more aesthetically pleasing. Cagnetti does not overuse them but when he does feature them, it makes that panel stick out.


  • Again, the writing can be a little bit cheesy but I think that’s supposed to be a reflection of the time and era that influences Pink Lemonade.

  • The villains that are supposed to be cartoony are pretty great, but I feel that some of the antagonist-like characters fall flat in that they are only driven by simplistic goals. In a comic that features some mystery, I kind of wanted more of that intrigue from other characters.

  • The pacing for the story is a bit rushed, but that is how a lot of Golden/Silver age stories were fleshed out back then.

Pink Lemonade, issue #2, It's Alive, Cagnetti
Pink Lemonade, issue #2, It's Alive, Cagnetti


If you are looking for that throwback to classic superhero/cosmic/slice-of-life art from the 1950-1960s, then you will enjoy Pink Lemonade. The letters are awesome and the colors are superb that bring every page to life, while the writing does feature some of that common “!” at the end of almost every sentence for our star.

It is impossible to deny the positivity that Pink radiates toward the other characters and the reader themselves. Pink’s outlook on life is very much like a child’s, however, she can’t help but remain positive in the face of despair. She likes to ride her bike, go on adventures, and learn about pop culture figures to pass the time. Her positivity is infectious to everyone she meets. In a time where the real world is doom and gloom and people generally not being kind to one another, Pink Lemonade is a refreshing drink...I’ll see myself out.

Looking for a wildly fun read to boost your spirits? Pick up Pink Lemonade.


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Nick Cagnetti – Cartoonist

  • Multitalented: Is an actual machine for doing EVERYTHING on this comic!

  • He has been creating Pink Lemonade since 2016 and successfully funded an Indiegogo campaign to bring the first two issues to life.

  • Is currently creating a crossover of Pink Lemonade with Jamie Jones’ Baboon series.


Click one of these:

  • You can order a copy from your local comic shop!

  • You can also order directly from It’s Alive!’s site here.

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