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New Spawn Title Breaks Records

Image Comics' latest addition to the ever-expanding Spawn line, The Scorched, has reportedly broken the record for "Biggest New Team Book"

In 2021, the Spawn line has broken multiple sales records across the board and now they're truly stacking up. The Scorched, which released January 12th, has hit the impressive presale number of 270,000 copies. The Scorched #1 gathers characters from the past 30 years of Spawn Comics including Reaper, Spawn, Redeemer, Gunslinger, Medieval Spawn, She-Spawn, and more as the title continues.

“Thanks to a renewed interest from fans across the globe, The Scorched will make our fourth book to top the sales charts,” said McFarlane, creator of Spawn. “My expansion of the Spawn mythology and his shared universe kicks off in a meaningful way with this team book that will set the course for many other titles we have planned for the next few years!”

The Scorched #1 is written by Sean Lewis with art by Stephen Segovia and Paulo Sequeria. You can find copies at your local comic shop, and digital platforms including Amazon Kindle, Comixology, Google Play, and Apple Books.

By Chris Rundt @FortressChris

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