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Kaplan's FOREVER FORWARD Joins Scout Comics' Lineup

Scout Comics has announced that they will be publishing Zack Kaplan's next sci-fi epic!

Coming to print this August, Forever Forward is a science fiction comic that explores time travel. Dr. Lewis Moody, a promising young scientist, discovers a way to travel forward in time and accidentally sends himself and his longtime crush 33 years into the future. Once there, they find out that the only way for them to get home is to continue to travel forward into the future. Does going forward help them find a way back, or are they forever doomed to travel forward until they reach the end of time? Well, for that, you'll have to read the series.

Forever Forward is written by Zack Kaplan (Port of Earth, Breakout), with art by Arjuna Susini (Heist, Replacer), colors from Brad Simpson (Stray Dogs, Join the Future), letters from Jim Campbell (Giant Days, Break Out), and logo/designs from Tim Daniel. Also, there are covers from Jacob Phillips, Stefano Simeone, Ivan Tao, and Jahnoy Lindsay.

The following preview pages were provided by Scout Comics.

Chris Rundt @FortressChris


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