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In POLARIZED, the most prominent liberal and conservative news anchors are secretly…banging.

Announcing Polarized, the humorous rom-com socio-politico graphic novel that broke Amazon’s top 500 in a single day! Originally funded on Kickstarter, Polarized is written by Brooklyn-based director and producer, Tom Mishra with art by Alex Lu. Think Network meets The Before Trilogy meets Dr. Strangelove.

The news cycle is polarized. Republican and Democrat news anchors both spew the party line which garners the highest market share but divides us further into echo chambers. Inspired by the current media landscape, star-crossed news anchors profit off hate while searching for love. Staunchly anchored in their respective positions, left-leaning Olive and right-wing Rex are enemies until a heated debate at the Politicon Conference leads to an unexpected and rapturous night of love/hate making. Can they bridge the political divide to ultimately come together in love?

“As our nation spirals towards endless division and civil war, we discovered that the basic fundamentals of a Rom-Com were an intimate lens to observe the financial motivations our media personalities have in dividing and spreading fear," said writer, Tom Mishra. "We'd binge drink cold brew, black out and go through the script. We'd share hundreds of references and then go off to divide and conquer. Alex would send me new art around midnight when I was asleep so I'd see it in the morning and wake up with a giant smile.”

“Quite frankly, we find our Nation's collapse to be amazing content that makes us laugh when we know we should be terrified. And we wrote this book for people who feel the same way," said artist, Alex Lu. “The next time you see any of these people trending for some vicious vitriolic speech they gave, maybe you’ll wonder “are they getting laid?”

Like The Boys, Invincible, V For Vendetta, or Persepolis? Don’t miss the salaciously savvy Polarized, now available direct, as well as on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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