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Explore the BLACK BOX sci-fi multiverse featuring a star-studded cast of creators, with unforgettable interlinked stories, art, and world-building mapped to span generations!

The most successful sci-fi anthology in Kickstarter history comes to shops! Horrible Future and Magnetic Press is set to release the sci-fi anthology series, BLACK BOX CHRONICLES and companion limited edition hardcover, BLACK BOX: DESIGN SPACE!

BLACK BOX CHRONICLES features 15 intertwined shared-universe stories, co-written by Horrible Future cofounders Mark Schey and Chris Northrop, this stellar volume includes artwork by celebrated award winners and nominees: David Mack (Daredevil, Kabuki), Michael Avon Oeming (Powers, Bulletproof Monk), Zach Howard (Hellboy, Wild Blue Yonder), Eryk Donovan (Memetic, Quantum Teens are Go), Marco Fodera (Nathan Never), Gavin Smith (Star Trek: Mirrorverse), Toru Terada (Small World), David Messina (Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewbacca, 3Keys), Giovanni Rigano (Global, Artemis Fowl), Drew Moss (The Crow, Red Sonja), Christian Dibari (Revolvers, Providence of Madness), Taki Soma (Sleeping While Standing, Bitch Planet), Mario Alberti (Spider-man and the Fantastic Four, The Wall), Sarah Baslaim, Flavio Dispenza, K. Michael Russel, and M. Sean McManus. Cover by Shane Molina.


Dedicated to mankind’s exploration of space and far beyond, BLACK BOX CHRONICLES anthology is a 172 page full-color quality bound paperback edition, and stands as the centerpiece of a new multi-platform narrative universe that will include art books, prose, tabletop RPGs, and more!

A sci-fi anthology chronicling mankind's first steps into interstellar space, as pieced together from the records recovered from the wreckage of various spacecraft found throughout the cosmos. A bold series of tales by a luminous collection of comics' greatest creators spanning centuries of a fantastic yet plausible future.


The BLACK BOX: DESIGN SPACE hardcover with spotUV foil, features a collection of schematic drawings and paintings of the various spaceships and technology discovered throughout the many stories within the BLACK BOX CHRONICLES anthology graphic novel. Illustrated by concept artist Shane Molina.

"We love hard sci-fi,” said Mark Schey. “BLACK BOX CHRONICLES is what happens after technology kills you. We wanted to take the readers on an emotional journey that shines a light on the last moments of a person’s life from a sci-fi perspective. All told through the lens of different award-winning artists interpreting the contents of a recovered flight data recorder."

“Over the last two years I’ve worked with many internationally award-winning artists at Magnetic Press,” said Chris Northrop. “I always wanted to bring them all under one title with a shared theme. Horrible Future is a place where original stories and ideas will thrive. I’m very excited for what Mark Schey and I have laid out for year two of production!”:

"When Chris and Mark asked me to work on concept art for BLACK BOX CHRONICLES I was stoked,” said Shane Molina. “Then they said 'let's make a book off of all your art.' I fell off my chair!"


For fans of The Expanse and Black Mirror, BLACK BOX CHRONICLEShits shelves Nov. 5, and BLACK BOX: DESIGN SPACE on Nov. 15; both are now available for preorder. Both books originally funded on Kickstarter with over 1600 followers and 1100% funding.

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