Creator: Susanna “Suspu” Nousiainen (@suspu)

Editors: Dayna Broder and Bekah Caden

Flatter: Yana (@hiisia)

Publisher: WebToon (@webtoonofficial)

Heir's Game logo by Suspu


Heir’s Game is an action-packed queer drama about politics, revolution, sword fights, and risking it all in the name of forbidden love.

Think The Three Musketeers meets Romeo and Juliet if it was part of the battle royale genre.


(Minor Spoilers)

Theuden Davut is the heir to the duchy of Belluna. As he reaches his 25th birthday, the time-honored tradition of finding his lifelong bodyguard is initiated. They call it the Heir’s Game. This tournament sees warriors and soldiers from far and wide come to compete for the coveted position. Enter Isran, a quiet, steely-eyed swordsman, and suddenly the games become a whole lot more interesting.

As Isran reluctantly forges bonds with the competition and the games begin, the fighters must not only battle for survival but learn to handle the pressure of high society and the strict rules that come alongside this famed opportunity. With Theuden’s rebellious spirit and Isran’s notoriety growing more with each passing day, the two cannot help but be drawn together after several chance encounters force their paths to cross.