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GREGOR! is Now Live on Kickstarter!

It’s not just a story about friendship, love, and misunderstandings—GREGOR! helps readers begin their journey to learn American Sign Language

The epic space adventure, GREGOR! is now live on Kickstarter! Written and drawn by Best-selling author, TEDx speaker, and Ringo Award nominee, David Trustman (GODSlap, The Memory Arts), GREGOR! incorporates mnemonic devices to make American Sign Language (ASL) learning more accessible; this is the perfect aid to learning vocabulary, using wild and fun imagery to make information more memorable. Gregor was once the greatest fighter the universe had ever known. When the Aliens had come to Earth, Gregor -- along with every other captive -- was deafened, physically enhanced, and made to fight in a massive tournament. It's been almost one hundred and fifty years since he came home. No one really remembers him. When his best friend Bear shows up in a stolen alien spaceship claiming Gregor's dead girlfriend is alive, Gregor jumps at the chance to find her... and maybe help her save the universe as well.

GREGOR! is important to me because of the challenges I faced in its creation,” said David Trustman. “I had to learn a good deal of ASL, which was always something I’ve always wanted to do. It was important to me to present the characters as deaf and not use their disability as a plot point or a difference that needed to be ‘fixed’. This was all part of having to overcome the design challenge; how to tell a story with narrative hand sign language. I encounter folks who genuinely desire to learn ASL, either based on their own hearing loss, or a loved ones, and I hope GREGOR! inspires that.”

David’s work in the field of memory training has been touted as groundbreaking and revolutionary, invented to both teach and to entertain, with lessons spanning from remote villages in South America to all the way to primetime television.

The campaign for GREGOR! ends March 30th.

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