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EXCLUSIVE Incentive Cover Reveal! Indie Hit GARGOYLE BY MOONLIGHT Collected by CEX Publishing

CEX Publishing is proud to bring GARGOYLE BY MOONLIGHT—the monster-punching urban fantasy that’s like Hellboy on Yancy Street—to the direct market for the first time with a new collection just in time for Halloween! This premiere one-shot contains the first two issues of the indie comics hit and will be in comic shops on September 27, 2023.

The book features three covers: the originals for Rise of Serpent King and Gargoyles Don’t Cry and an all-new stunning 1:10 incentive cover by Brian Atkins (artist) and Joshua Jensen (colorist). GARGOYLE BY MOONLIGHT, written by Timothy Bach, is now available for pre-order from both Diamond and Lunar; 52 pages; $5.99



INCENTIVE COVER C Brian Atkins (artist) and Joshua Jensen (colorist)

DIAMOND codes: Cover A: JUN231724; Cover B: JUN231725; Cover C: JUN231726 LUNAR codes: 0623CX316 / 0623CX317 / 0623CX318

An online preview is also available!


Cursed to turn into a gargoyle every night, Gary Doyle fights creepy-crawly demons, all the while determined not to let these battles turn him into a monster. Monster-punching urban fantasy with heart—a comic that’s like Hellboy on Yancy Street! For fans of Do a Powerbomb, Firepower, Werewolf By Night!

Summaries Rise of the Serpent King Afflicted by a curse that turns him into a stone gargoyle every night, Gary Doyle has been passing the time punching out creepy-crawly underworld demons and trying to figure out how to undo the curse. When a raging demigod bent on annihilation begins rampaging through the city, Doyle, coached by the mysterious gypsy, Drina, and assisted by the equally enchanting archaeologist, Chloe Anders, must decide whether he’s a hero or the monster the world sees him as. Gargoyles Don't Cry A seedy dealmaker promises to free the Gargoyle from his nightly curse. All our hero has to do is deliver a bag. Too easy? Yeah, that's what he thinks too. Find out what happens when Gargoyle By Moonlight tangles with supernatural gangs and the all-new creepy-crawly overlord of the underworld. Don't miss this fun yet poignant turning point, as Gargoyle battles the evil forces of the city while trying to maintain/regain his humanity and save one very special prize.

Creative team: Timothy Bach, writer; Brian Atkins, artist; Juan Romera, color art; Jeremiah Lambert, inks; Marco Della Verde, letters; and Joshua Jensen, colors on Cover C.

Published by CEX Publishing


Here's a 5-page preview for your entertainment!

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