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Exclusive First-look: JACQUES AND THE ART OF THEFT

Heisting hijinks ensue in the forthcoming one-shot from Chris Baldie!

JACQUES AND THE GREAT ART OF THEFT, the titular slice-of-life adventure, written and illustrated by Chris Baldie (ROLLED A ONE), with colors by Adrian Bloch (THE SPIDERKING, FROSTBITE) is now live on Kickstarter!

This standalone comic leans exclusively on its bright and colorful artwork, perfect for Teen+ readers anywhere, regardless of the language they speak!

Jacques undertakes his greatest job yet: to break into the city's gallery and liberate its finest work. The nocturnal thief as he makes his way across rooftops, traverses great heights, and sneaks his way past guards to get at the treasures within. We need no words, just action!


Here's a first-look at JACQUES AND THE ART OF THEFT:

"Jacques might seem like a simple one note slapstick character, but underlying all of his actions is purpose. There's always something driving him to do what he does, and these pages hopefully hint at that emotion." — Chris Baldie


Check out for more info! Discover the rewards for JACQUES AND THE GREAT ART OF THEFT in digital, hardcover and more!

Perfect for fans of HILDA, the Kickstarter campaign ends Nov 23, 2023.

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