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A Desperate Outcast Journeys Through A Dangerous & Ruined World To Seek Safe Haven in March 2024

Los Angeles, CA (August 9, 2023) - Internationally renowned publisher Humanoids announced today THE ROAD TO EPSILON, a debut original graphic novel from rising star indie cartoonist Lolita Couturier. Pregnant and exiled from the walled city she calls home, Tom and her mysterious child companion must brave the surrounding apocalyptic wilds to reach the distant rumored haven of Epsilon.

Here's the skinny:

Tom, a young pregnant woman, wakes up abandoned outside of the walled city she called home. As her desperate circumstances come into focus, Tom and her enigmatic child companion Lele must set off in search of Epsilon, a distant town that represents their salvation... and perhaps their last hope.

As the young women make the difficult journey through a world nature has begun to reclaim, the thin lines separating what is real from what is not begin to blur, forcing Tom to challenge everything she thought she knew.

Keep scrolling, friends, for your exclusive peek into some spoiler-free pages from THE ROAD TO EPSILON!


About the Creator

Lolita Couturier was born in Paris on April 19, 2000. She has pursued the arts as a career throughout her life, completing both secondary and undergraduate programs in applied arts. She finished the book that would become The Road to Epsilon during her undergraduate years. Now, as she works to complete her Master's degree in Comics at the internationally renowned European School of the Image in Angoulême, the heart of French comics, she pursues her eternal desire to learn and perfect her art. The Road to Epsilon is her debut graphic novel.


THE ROAD TO EPSILON will be available in bookstores everywhere ( and in comic shops ( in March 2024. Digital copies can be purchased from comiXology and other digital platforms.

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