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Crash & Troy break free in new 4-issue miniseries from A Wave Blue World.

Cover A art by Kyler Clodfelter, Bruno Fulani

When our Interviews Editor, Jimmy Gaspero, reviewed Crash & Troy #1 in June of last year, we never thought we'd have to wait another year before the public got to experience this gem of a comic.

Now with a new publisher, A Wave Blue World, creative team Jarred Luján, Kyler Clodfelter, Bruno Furlani and Buddy Beaudoin are finally set to drop the first issue of their miniseries in mid-August, with the 4-issues running monthly through November.

"It’s hard for me to believe that a book about Meryl Streep and cat videos inspired the community that came together to fight for it over the last few months. The team and I are so grateful for the support we’ve had and, with the help of A Wave Blue World, we’re ready to FINALLY bring them the intense, ridiculous sci-fi buddy book that is Crash & Troy!” says series writer, Jarred Luján.

President/Co-Publisher of A Wave Blue World, Tyler Chin-Tanner, spoke with us about why he thought the series was such a good fit for the publisher: “I was impressed by Jarred and Kyler’s work for the Dead Beats anthology, so I was eager to see what they could do on their own series. They sent me the first issue and I was hooked from the beginning. I’m so excited we were able to give it a home here at AWBW and I can’t wait for everyone else to read the adventures of these lovable space mercenaries.”

For those of you who haven't yet heard of the series, here's the scoop:

When the Galaxy has a problem, and there’s no heroes left to be found, maybe it's time to hire… CRASH & TROY!

Intergalactic mercenaries Rex “Crash” Ballard and Troy 3.0 find themselves in hot water after a prison break on Wexia-1 sets free the dictator of Wexia-2. Now they must clean up their mess or find themselves locked up. This means working with Chief Fiona Alvarez of the Earth Defense Forces to recapture Supreme Leader Jongil and stop interplanetary war. No sweat for two pros like Crash & Troy!

And, for all you patient Crash & Troy fans out there, we'd like to share with you this exclusive first look at the Star Wars-inspired Cover B for issue #1, by Paris Alleyne. The virgin/full-art version of the cover shown below will be offered as a 1:10 retailer incentive, so make sure to get your preorders in!

Oh...did you think we were done here?

With special thanks to the publisher and creative team, Comic Book Yeti is delighted to share with you the first 5 pages of Crash & Troy issue #1 below:

So, who's ready for some Crash & Troy?! Leave a comment below and tell us!


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