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Creator: Sarah Andersen (@SarahCAndersen)

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing (@AndrewsMcMeel)

Colors: Céli Godfried (@pianta_)

Flats: Kayla Nicole

Brainstorming Help: Jonathan Kunz (@warandpeass)

Cryptid Club by Sarah Andersen


A collection of adventures featuring a cast of elusive creatures by award-winning cartoonist Sarah Andersen.

Think of your favorite classic newspaper comic strips with a creepy cryptid twist.


(Minor Spoilers)

Do social gatherings make you nervous? Do you feel the need to buy the latest TikTok trend the moment you lay eyes on it? Having trouble conversing with your sleep paralysis demon? Are you horribly un-photogenic and flee whenever you see a camera? Do you panic when your phone rings?

You may have more in common with your local Cryptid Club than you think!

Sarah Andersen, creator of the award-winning Sarah’s Scribbles and Fangs, is back with a brand new collection of hysterical and oh-so-relatable comics featuring a creepy and cute cast of mythical creatures both modern and legendary. A look at the social lives of everyone’s favorite elusive urban legends that celebrates what makes us unique, Cryptid Club adds a supernatural spin to everyday moments we can all find the humor in.


  • As with her previous spooky creation, Andersen found the perfect balance of creepy and cute with a slightly twisted sense of humor that pretty much anyone can relate to. Filled with those way-too-real jokes that make millennials giggle and a diverse cast of cryptids, this collection channels the comedy stylings she’s become known for with a playful new cast of characters.

  • The designs of the cryptids are fresh but instantly recognizable. Andersen’s iconic art style brought a much-needed update to the classics like Cthulhu and Nessie and a fun twist on the newcomers like Slender Man.

  • As always, the sharp, witty humor is the highlight of the collection. The jokes are both relevant and timeless, allowing for pretty much anyone to be able to understand and appreciate them for years to come.

  • The variety of font styles, especially when it comes to certain characters like the Flatwoods Monster and Mothman, enhances the comedy, while the different colored word bubbles for the cast help make the short amount of dialogue really stand out.

  • Godfried and Nicole helped bring Andersen’s typically black-and-white stories to life with a moody color palette that perfectly enhances the late-night, elusive aesthetic. The dark purples and greens used in the majority of the backgrounds really make the cryptids pop off the page.

  • The choice to bring on Kunz to help brainstorm was a brilliant move. The dark yet laugh-out-loud nature of the War and Peas series, which has also seen publication from Andrews McMeel, utilizes many of the same twisted themes and you can feel the similarities in the humor come through in Cryptid Club.

  • Several of the jokes are ongoing and pop up many times throughout, making for a great punchline delivery at unexpected times.

  • This is a perfect rainy afternoon read. Sitting at exactly 100 pages, you can easily get through it in one read and still find new things to appreciate each time you return to it. It's perfect for any season, not just the ones that are spooky.

  • The handy glossary in the back is great for those who may not be as familiar with the wider world of modern internet urban legends (such as Trevor Henderson’s Siren Head or the Fresno Nightcrawlers), and showcases a level of love and care for these icons that any die-hard cryptozoology fan can appreciate.

  • This is a beautiful book. The black hardbound cover is accented by a magenta-hued font and pages, alongside a strolling line of Fresno Nightcrawlers that literally glow in the dark. I mean, c’mon, what more do you need?


  • CW: Some “scary” imagery, mild language, and minor adult-centered humor.

  • A few of the panels have plain black text on them with basic things like “tall, dark, and handsome” and they disappear a bit against the purple backgrounds specifically. This isn’t a problem on the digital versions of the images, so it may be caused by the transfer to print or the glossiness of the paper.

Cryptid Club art and story by Sarah Andersen


I got my copy of Cryptid Club early and, I kid you not, I’ve read it cover to cover at least once a week since it arrived on my doorstep. Almost every page had me chuckling at the heavily relatable and down-to-earth comedy. Paired with Andersen’s designs of the beloved urban legends, each little adventure is immensely memorable. Much like Fangs, this title quickly became a comfort read for me and I can guarantee it will become one for you, too.

Andersen noted on Twitter that this series was created at the height of the pandemic lockdowns and the collection of cryptids felt like friends and it’s easy to see why. The celebration of what makes us unique and the importance of finding those who understand you shines through the stories told in this collection. Charming, chuckle-worthy, and downright creepy, Cryptid Club is definitely another instant classic that you'll want to get your hands on as we roll into autumn.

Cryptid Club arrives on Sept. 20th so there’s still plenty of time to go pre-order your copy!


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All Andersen characters and the distinctive likeness(es) thereof are trademarks of and copyright Andersen or their respective owners. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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