Writer/Publisher: Erik Radvon

Pencils/Inks: Samir Simão (for #1), Ross Taylor (for #2)

Colorist: Ross Taylor

Letterer/Designer: Micah Myers

Publisher: Radical Visions

Crisis Vector #1 by Samir Simão, Radical Visions, Radvon/Simão


Crisis Vector is the story of Kir, a Viking-esque warrior who is sucked into a multiverse-hopping adventure after his kin, Rykardt, attempts to use him to gain access to the Crisis Vector, a mysterious yet powerful force related to time.

It feels like an action sci-fi movie straight out of the ’80s. Like Conan the Barbarian starred in Back to the Future.


(Minor Spoilers)

Shortly after the death of Oldfather Wulfor, a thought-to-be-extinct species called Scourgebirds steal an amulet out of his grave. After receiving counsel from Sertara, the local mystic, and discovering that Rykardt is to blame, Kir and Aldston decide to make the voyage to the Source of the Quantum River to stop him. Sertara joins the trio, and they head that way.

There, Rykardt reveals some history: Wulfor once came to the source and utilized the Crisis Vector to gain the power to strengthen his clan.

Unfortunately for the trio, things are not quite as simple as they seem. In the heat of battle, Kir and Rykardt fall into the Source, tumbling and tossing through the multiverse. They wind up lost and confused in a world far more advanced than their own and losing Wulfor’s amulet in the process.