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Writer/Illustrator/Publisher: Alex Kosakowski

Cookie and the Kid #3, Kosakowski, Antarctic Press


Cookie and the Kid is an all-ages maxi-series that stars a child in a land unknown. It’s light-hearted, funny, and is kid-friendly.

It feels a little like Calvin & Hobbes meets The NeverEnding Story with just a dash of that special brand of Lord of the Rings quest feelings.


(Minor Spoilers)

Cookie, Mutt, and Sylva found a human child in their magical land, a place meant to be hidden from humanity. But the human child just wants their dog back, then they can return to their home.

So, Mutt, against the wishes of his friends and the law of the Hill Kingdom, leads our group to find the dog, return them both to the human world, and do it all before getting into too much trouble with the Hill King. Phew!


  • It maintains the tone it started in: light, warm, and funny.

  • I think the art is better here in terms of clarity and sequentially telling a story. Each panel makes sense and it’s easy to follow, unlike the one or two hiccups in #1.

  • I love the character work in these issues. Kosakowski really laid out some good groundwork in the first few issues to deliver solid character moments in these two. There’s a big emotional one I won’t delve into because spoilers, but it really lands and you feel far more invested in that character after.

  • Building on that, I liked that those character choices really informed us as readers as to why the decisions being made were being made. The character work is strong here and it helps to build towards its plot.

  • We really got to see a lot more of the world in these issues and I really dug that. I’m a big fan of the additions, the way they flow into the tale, and the overall look the story is beginning to take on. This felt so much more like a fantasy story than it did previously.

  • I’m glad to see the development of the quest and the stakes! It feels a lot more focused in these issues because we finally have those come into play pretty clear cut.

  • This bears repeating from last review, but I am still very impressed by Kosakowski writing, drawing, and lettering this book. All elements remain solid and well done.


Cookie and the Kid #3, page 7, Antartic Press, Kosakowski
  • The quest and the stakes coming across in #3 probably shouldn’t have waited that long. To be honest, though, the way the story is crafted, I think it’s a good payoff to bring it up in #3. It’s just a stark difference in how focused the book becomes after those come up. I’m not sure!


To repeat what I said previously: the book is a really good family comic. I think adults and children alike can find something they enjoy from this. If you’re looking for a shared experience with a younger person in your life, this is a great place to start.

However, after those big emotional character moments, I’m kind of a big fan of the book by itself. I think a lot of people could enjoy this, children involved or not, because I feel very invested in at least one of the characters, as well as fascinated by the quest they’re on. This is a solid comic with solid character writing.


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