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Comic Book Yeti Launches New Podcast, Into the Comics Cave, with Comics Heartthrob Grant Stoye

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Comic Book Yeti, arguably the best comic book journalism site on the entire Internet, launched the site's first podcast series today.

Logo by Jack Foster

INTO THE COMICS CAVE (#ItCC) is the mind-baby of Grant Stoye, based on the popular interview series, Inside the Actors Studio. Each episode interviews a different comic book creator, diving deep into their history, their inspirations, their motivations, and their favorite fake curse words. Audience members may recognize Grant Stoye's name from such comics as Sidequest, Yule, and God Says Hi. Stoye also established The Granties™, a digital-based comic book award that many claim to be even more important than the Eisner Awards (substantiation needed).

“A lot of times creators take the back seat to their creations, and I thought I’d be fun to give them the spotlight for a change. I wanted to know less about their work, and more about who they are, what drives them, and if a dog having human teeth is fucked up or not.” –Grant Stoye, comics heartthrob

INTO THE COMICS CAVE is available on several of your favorite podcast platforms (and coming soon on Stitcher and Overcast), which we link to below. The first two episodes, featuring Jack Foster and Alaire Racicot, are already available for your aural perusal. Give them a listen if you love the creators or don't want a yeti hex cast upon you for all eternity. Also, please be sure to subscribe and leave a positive, glowing review, which helps more people find us and helps prevent everyone working on this podcast from falling into a deep depression.

Love the podcast? Already subscribed and left a review and still asking yourself how you could do more for that sweet yeti content you love so much? Consider showing how much you love us with a dollar amount of your choosing. Your donations will go back into the company so we can make even more Cool Stuff™.


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